Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Thee Wed | Los Angeles Temple Photographer

In early December, we had the opportunity to shoot another BEAUTIFUL wedding!  As we approached the Los Angeles Temple, late the night before, I was awe-struck as I beheld the beauty of the Christmas display.  It wasn't until the next morning, while walking the grounds and getting some ideas, that the panic set in.  With every tree and ever bush and pretty much every inch of the grounds covered in lights and Christmas-y decor, how was I going to capture the beauty of a newly wedded couple????  Well, through many different angles, MANY hours of meticulous editing of lights, and a little creativity, I think I pulled it off.. let me know what you think!!  Here are the newly married Holkers, for your viewing pleasure:

 Shoes can change a girls life, just ask Cinderella! ;)

The beautiful bride!!  I have known her FOREVER, and was SO happy to see her SO happy!! :)

Did I mention it was horribly windy and sunny... not the best combo, but luckily my subjects were ADORABLE, so it all turned out amazingly! :)

 Okay, I must insert a line about the bouquet- which I helped make!  That's right, when it comes to weddings, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve!  I was DYING to photograph a brooch bouquet (and maybe just trying to live vicariously through another bride, since I had no idea of this possibility when I was planning mine), what better way to ensure this, than to offer to make it myself.  And so, with the help of a super amazing and oh-so-talented friend, we conquered the beast.. and, it didn't turn out half bad! :)

Although the temple itself was breath-taking, there was something about the city scape that also spoke to me!

The next day they held a beautiful reception!  Every last detail was beautiful!!  All-in-all, a delight and honor to photograph this special day!