Meet Our Team!

We have carefully assembled a team to meet your every portrait and wedding photography needs!  Creative, fun and professional, our team members are waiting to give you the best photography experience!

Cindy McCauley aka LooWho

Cindy is the face and eye behind Looky Loo.  Growing up, the first dream she aspired to was first woman president.  A close second, an interior designer.  Life happened, and while neither of those two dreams came to fruition, something even better did.  She had her first son, took a photography class to capture every fleeting, drooling moment, and fell in love.  She now had two sidekicks, a blonde named Calvin and camera she called Niko.  The rest, is a history of carefully curated photos forming an array of beautiful stories.

Cindy is an antique obsessor, a diy lover and a cupcake extraordinaire.  She grew up on mac-n-cheese, Anne of Green Gables, and surrounded by Thoroughbred horses- all of which she still enjoys!  She passes her days in the chaotic beauty that is life with five children and an amazing husband.  Knee deep in laundry, chicken nuggets, and diapers, the best part about photography is that it has given her a whole new outlook on life.  She sees life through the lens, finding beauty in the everyday, from the crystal blue eyes as she chats with a stranger to the rusted, corrugated steel leaning against an old barn.  She believes that life is an accumulation of small, beautiful moments that combine to make on amazing story.  And stories were meant to be told.

Jeff McCauley aka el jeffe

The silent voice of Looky Loo, Jeff has spent the last 7 years fully supporting Cindy's every whim- including picking up a camera and learning the trade.  Last year, Jeff graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a master's in Accounting.  He works full time for Andersen Tax in beautiful San Francisco.

At the end of a long day of numbers, Jeff is happy to "talk shop" and get his creative voice heard as the second shooter for Looky Loo Photography.  Jeff looks at photography as an art and finds unique and interesting angles to enhance every session.