Friday, March 21, 2014

Motherhood and Maternity, at 20 somethin'

Motherhood and Maternity, at 20 somethin'!

There comes a time in a woman's life that the all the walls come down.  Boundaries between age, height, beauty, status- they all come crumbling down.  We find ourselves on even ground.

For me, that time was found in motherhood.

All of a sudden my girl friends were not merely the girls I knew from high school or college, the girls my own age, or the girls I worked with.

No, I now found myself in the company of a much different group: mothers.

My new friends varied in age, size, social status and every other difference you could think of, but we all held one thing in common: we were moms.

For this shoot, I wanted to embrace that idea of the bond of motherhood.

First up, I have the lovely NEW mom, the mom of her 20's.

She is beautiful and full of life, ready for whatever comes her way.  She knows she has no idea what to expect, but tries her best to be prepared at any rate.  

This beautiful mama is expecting her first child, a lovely baby girl!

Please, join with me in congratulating this maternal beauty!

Stay tuned next week for the Motherhood and Maternity at 30 somethin' and 40 somethin'!

For now, have a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blossom Little Looky!!

The Blossoms are BLOOMING,

it's time for a Little Looky!

Here is the breakdown:

*5 slots from 6-7pm on Saturday, March 22.

*$75 for a 15 minute slot (up to 4 children per slot)

*You receive 5 digital images and a print release

*Email me at to reserve your spot today!

Have a beautiful day!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Open Casting Call!!

Have you ever dreamed of having YOUR face on the COVER of a book???!!  How about an AMAZING book??  

Maybe something like this book??....

Well, your dreams may just be coming true!

I shot this book cover last year, and now the author is ready to shoot the cover for book 2.  

We are looking for a young man between the ages of 18-21, or could pass for that.  He needs to fit the description of the character JACK in the book:
blue eyes
dark hair

Here is a picture from the author's website:

If you fit this description and want some free pictures and to hang out with the coolest author in the area, please email me at

We have cast Pip and Phin, already and need to get to work as soon as possible, so please pass along this info!!  If you or anyone you know may be interested, we are eager to find our Jack and start shooting!!  

If you just want to read a good book with an awesome cover (ahem ahem), then head on over to for all the latest on the Hale's Storm series!!  

I cannot wait to get back behind the camera and shoot this cover- it's always a good time with Alissa!

To everyone else, have a wonderful day!!