Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday- Photography Style

Well hello loved ones!  It has been a little while since I've gotten over here to the blog- sorry, the editing and picture-taking and mommy-ing has enveloped ALL of my time.  But, we are back in business and ready to link up with Amber and Neely for ITS OK Thursday.  What a fun day we have joined in on- because today they are celebrating their one year anniversary and hosting a giveaway!  Go check them out and link up- but first, see what I think is ok! :)

Its Ok Thursdays

*Its ok to plan your whole family shoot based on a crazy song that you absolutely adore- even if it may seem creepy to other people- they'll get it when they see the pics...

*Its ok to bribe your kids to smile... and to also use that bribery as an excuse to bake.. (and to also really really NEED the "big kid" version of an easy bake oven)

*Its ok to check Facebook 50 times after your shoot to see if I've posted the preview yet (especially since I check it at least that many times after I've posted to see if you've commented yet..)

*Its ok to get old!  Embrace each age as it comes.  One of my fav people is my grandma.  Now that she's gone, my favorite pictures of her are not the ones where she's young and beautiful, but the ones where she wrinkled with years of love and devotion to her family.  Don't let age get in the way of recording your memories.

*Its ok to LOVE a picture of yourself.  It doesn't make you vain, be proud of who you are and love yourself!  Be the best version of you RIGHT NOW, not when you lose 5 lbs, or when you get your hair done.... those things come and are gone, so learn to love YOU!

*Its ok to think you have the WORLDS CUTEST KIDS EVER!  That's what you're here for: to make them independent and give them self confidence!  If you don't, then who will?  

*Lastly, its ok to SMILE!  Hold your beautiful head up and show the world your glow.  Nothing looks more beautiful on you than your smile, so share it- it's contagious!  ;)

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me!  What do you think is ok?  

Check back here soon as we TRY to catch up on blogging shoots and as we swing full-force into wedding season!!  I've mentioned it a couple times already, but if you are planning to use Looky Loo this fall, BOOK NOW!  We have booked up August and October and September and November are going fast!  

Lots of love to our Looky Loo fans!!


Sunday, July 1, 2012


WOW!  I can't believe that June is officially over!  I want to start off by thanking everyone for tuning in this month to help us celebrate our anniversary!  We have had so much fun giving away gifts, meeting new people, and giving you the latest scoop on what's new with Looky Loo!

With that said, it's now time to reveal our latest Looky Loo Winner!!  

Drum Roll Please...


I will contact you shortly to start to put together your shoot!  I am so excited to work with you!

Once again, thank you to all of our fans- new and old!  We could not have come this far without you!  And we are CONVINCED we have the greatest group of devoted fans EVER!  We love you so much and cannot wait to spend another year capturing your sweet smiles and memorable moments! 

Here's to you!