Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful Blooms

The air is getting warmer,
The flowers are beginning to bloom!

What does that mean for Looky Loo Lovers?


Since the blossoms only last a very SHORT while, this Little Looky is coming up FAST!  As in, THIS Saturday, March 2 from 4:30-5:30

Here's the scoop:

Blossoms Little Looky

FIVE 15 minute slots from 4:30-5:30

$20 for the first child and $10 for each additional child

Includes: One 8x10 of each child Plus 1 complimentary 5x7 of the group

Email me at to reserve your spot!

Optional Add Ons:

*Disc of 5 edited images ($30)

*Additional 8x10 Prints ($15 each)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air!


As I'm sure you've guessed, I LOVE this holiday!  Not only because I get to shower the 3 men in my life with love, gifts, and amazing food, but also because I just love the idea of a holiday dedicated to saying "I LOVE YOU!"  How sweet is that?!

So, whether you have a significant other, a sweet little one, or just amazing people in your life- get out there and tell them how you feel!

Today I have a lot to blog about- because, well, I love a lot of people! :)

First up, a little spot dedicated to my number one love: my husband.

Here is a little trip down lover's lane for us:

(from top left: summer 2007-first vacation together, Jeff's bday 2007- night he proposed, Sept 2007- first dland trip together, nov 2007- married!, nov 2007- first honeymoon at belagio in vegas, jan 2008 second honeymoon in cozumel, feb 2008- first valentines, feb 2009 second valentines together, feb 2011 fourth valentines together)

I seriously couldn't imagine a better life than the one that I have with this amazing man!

I MUST tell you what he did for me for Valentine's!  (We always celebrate on a different day, since I'm not a fan of huge crowds and horrible service, plus I like to spend the actual holiday as a family)  So, El Jeffe was very stealth this year- which is really hard because I'm a huge snoop!  First, he slyly stole my great grandmother's 50th anniversary ring out of my jewelry box (I got it from my aunt for my birthday, but it was too small...yes, I have sausage fingers), he then took it to a jeweler to have it resized!  Next, he noticed 2 more things I had my eye on and GOT THEM totally behind my back- doubly impressive, since I am a hawk with our finances!  Then, he lined up some babysitting and planned a cute night out at my favorite restaurant last night.  WHAT A STUD!  Seriously, best Valentine's ever!  I've never been so surprised and felt so special!  I love my man!

Now, time to link up with Melissa at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife, for a fun game to see how well El Jeffe knows me! :)

1.  How long have we been married
      J: 5 yrs
      LW: 5 yrs
2.  Where was our first date?
     J: Farmer's Market 2002
     LW: Farmer's Market 2002
3.  Where was our first kiss?
     J: Farmer's Market
     LW: Farmer's Market
4.  Who said I love you first?
     J: Jeff
     LW: Jeff
5.  What were our wedding colors?
      J: Black and white with pink accents
      LW: Black and white with pink accents
6.  What phrase does Loo Who use most?
      J: I'm so funny... (my reply: seriously?!)
      LW: seriously?!
7.  Who is my celebrity crush?
      J: IDK, Kobe Bryant
      LW: Jimmy Fallon  (PS, I've never really been the celebrity crush type person)
8.  If Loo Who ordered drinks for both of us, what would we get?
     J: both water
     LW: both water
9.  What is the best meal Loo Who has ever made for you?
      J: Cafe Rio Salad
      LW: Eggplant Parm
10.  What is the worst meal Loo Who has ever made for you?
        J: Salsa Stoup
        LW: Salsa Stoup (in my defense, I made it right, we just didn't like the recipe)
11.  What is the most played song on Loo Who's iPod?
        J: whatever the first song is (I like to repeat songs a lot)
        LW: if I die young, the band perry
12.   What is the most annoying thing Loo Who does?
        J: can't say no to people (my response: seriously?!  I'm getting better!)
        LW: pile the trash instead of take it out
13.  What is the last thing Loo Who does before bed?
        J: watch a show with me
        LW: watch a show with Jeffe
14.  What is one item of clothing you wish she would get rid of?
        J: nothing
        LW: nothing, he likes all of my clothes!
15.  What is Loo Who's favorite thing at Starbucks
        J: she rarely goes there, since she hates to "drink her calories," but on the rare occasion she does, 
           her favorite is a chai latte.
        LW: chai latte (no water, add vanilla with whip... which is why I don't go- its awful for you!)
16.  What is the name of her blog?
        J: Looky Loo Photography
        LW: Looky Loo Photography

Good job, hubs!! :)

I'm not going to lie, he's my best friend in the whole world.  I tell him everything and I could seriously spend every second with him and still not feel like it's enough!  

Ok, ok, enough of the mushy, on with the pictures!

We were able to get in a lot of shooting this season, which was SO much fun!  I repurposed our lemonade stand and transformed it into a Kissing Stand!  

Nothing says Valentine's to me like $.05 a kiss! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!  I love you guys TONS and appreciate all of the love and support that comes my way through you!!

Thank you for being so amazing!

I leave you with this, our little Family Valentine's Card...

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!