Friday, October 31, 2014

Candy Overload!!!

Looky Looers!

It may be cloudy, you may get wet, 
But make it a night your kids won't forget!

I happened to pick up the CUTEST umbrella at Forever 21 last month (red with white polka dots and frills), so the "cold doesn't bother me, anyway!"

What are your plans this Halloween??  Will you brave the bad weather or snuggle and watch Hocus Pocus instead?  Or are you the type that would rather mingle with friends than door knock with strangers?  

We like to do a little bit of everything.  We ALWAYS attend our church Halloween party decked in a family themed costume.  I know, my poor tortured children!  On Halloween we like to hit the streets downtown and grab candy from local shops then stop at a few local doorsteps of our fav friends.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but we still end up with LOADS of candy.  I'm talking chocolate coma for days status.  And, being the type of mother who enjoys her sanity, the responsible mother I am, I just cannot justify letting the crew gobble that all down!

So, what's a mom to do???

Well, first off, we let the kids choose a certain amount of candy to keep (10 pieces, 20 pieces, whatever we feel we can handle).  They then place the remainder in brown bags and leave them on our doorstep for Glenda the Good Witch to collect that night while they are sleeping.


I know, here's the best part, sweet Glenda does not leave them empty-handed!  In return, she leaves them a little Halloween present to enjoy.  Some little toy or item they've been wanting.  


Oh please, have you met my husband??  Waste not, want not!  Here is where the creativity really comes in!  I have found several ways to use up that extra candy you have lying around from halloween and put it to good use!

First up, Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes----
Make chocolate cake box cupcakes, and as they come out of the oven, place a PB cup, upside down on top.  Them melt in perfectly and will score you some serious mom points!  Top with some peanut butter cream cheese frosting and you are in business, mama!

Next, how about COOKIES!!
I take any chocolate candy- m&ms, candy bars, whoppers, whatever, and crunch them up.  I then replace chocolate chips for these candy chips in my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  BUENO!

Yep, you read that right, you can use your left over candy to make frosting, and it's pretty amazing!
You just melt down the candy bars and they become the main ingredient in this genius frosting.  Check out the recipe via Betty, here!

Or, just crunch them up and put them over some ice cream!  Whatever you choose to do, know that your Halloween Candy can become a thing of culinary genius, instead of a dental nightmare come November!

I hope you enjoyed this walk down the candy isle!  Stay warm and dry this Halloween and enjoy a night of dressing up!!

What did you and yours dress up as?  What do you do with all of  your candy??  I'd love to hear all of your ideas!!

Until next time, here's looking at you!!