Little Looky

We love to offer a variety of ways to get your Looky Loo pictures, and Little Looky Shoots is one of those.  For these shoots, we set up a 1-2 hour block and offer 15 minute slots in settings of our choosing.  We only allow children in these shoots, unless otherwise noted- we are on a strict time schedule and more faces= more editing!  We try to offer a variety of different choices throughout the year, mostly gearing them towards holidays and special occasions.  If you're like me, and can't choose just ONE location and ONE set, then this option is for YOU!  Check in with us on Facebook to hear all about the latest Little Looky!  Email me at to reserve your spot!  (Don't forget, you can reserve in advance- any Little Looky listed is open for reservation!)

Payment is due in full upon booking to reserve your spot.  This retainer fee is non-refundable.  Because of the nature of the Little Looky shoots, last-minute cancellations cost someone else a spot- so, we are trying to avoid this in the future.  Thank you for understanding.  We love to provide in-expensive ways to produce beautiful images of your beautiful children!!

Pricing has changed.  It is now $75 each spot.  Each spot includes portraits up to 4 children and a group shot.  You receive 5 digital images via Online Gallery in color and in black and white (10 total).

You can always add on a print package if you would love to adorn your walls with this beautiful artwork!

Here is a Tentative List of upcoming Little Looky Shoots!

September12th: East Bay- Barn Looky
    5 slots from 5:30-6:30pm.  We are going to shoot at a beautiful barn location in Clayton!

November 21st: Central Coast Family Little Looky $150
  6 slots from 3:30-5:00pm.  We will have a few different set-ups for gorgeous family portraits located at a beautiful rustic location in Atascadero.  Pricing for this Little Looky is different to accommodate more editing and more images.  This Little Looky is not limited to children only!


**Space is limited and spots fill up FAST, so book now to reserve your spot!!  Dates are subject to change due to Weather or Weddings.  All images are copyrighted property of Looky Loo Photography.

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