Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Kenty Cake Smash

Who doesn't love cake?

Ok, you're right, there are probably a number of people who don't love cake...

My Kenton, however, is not one of them.  Thankfully!

The youngest of my five beasties turned one this passed weekend.  By now, you know, there is nothing in this world I enjoy celebrating more than the birth of my children.  

Kenton is no exception to this.  He came into this world one year ago, bringing with him a light and love that made even the darkest days brighter.  (read more about that day and see his first pictures, here)  His laugh is contagious.  He loves each one of our family members so wholly and without end.  His kisses are slobbery and sometimes violent.  But his cuddles, his cuddles are the very best part of him.  In fact, we've named them: Kenty Kuddles.  Ya, you see what I did there?  I know, I'm obsessed.

As with any proper celebration, I had to come up with a theme.  Kenton has two nick names in our home: Kenty Bear and Little Mr.  Thoughts of teddy bears and picnics ran through my mind.  But, then I remembered how much I dislike stuffed animals.  (I'm sorry, please do not take offense if you are a fake-furry-friend-loving-person, it's really just a personal issue with dust mites and creepy eyes..)  Then, I remembered the day we found out the gender of the precious baby I was carrying: 

Bow or Mustache?  Well, obviously, we found out we were having a mustache.  We had so much fun with this pic and this idea.  It was then and there that I realized a Little Mr party was a necessity!

Of course no theme of mine is complete without somehow turning it antique.  Little Mr to me meant mustaches, of course, but also bow ties, suspenders, newsboy hats, rustic, old.  Of course, in true Looky Loo fashion, it also meant the need for a huge chalkboard with an old barn wood frame- we will get to how much my husband loves building random things for kids parties later AND how much he loves me and does it without complaint! 

Theme- check!

Now, to make it personal!  I knew we would have the party back on the central coast where our family was, but I wanted to do something special in our new home and on his actual birthday weekend, plus, I'm a photographer, so there had to be pictures involved!

In keeping with the theme of vintage and Little Mr and trying to find something he loves to do, I remembered our last trip to Tilden Park.  Kenton rode the Carousel there and let out the sweetest squeals of joy I have ever heard.  If you have not seen this operating, 1800's carousel, you cannot possibly understand the joy it brings me.  It combines my child's love of whimsy with my love of photographing vintage things- a combination that does not come along very often!

So, stop number one on the Kenton Party Train: old Carousel.

 Now, Kenton has been known to ride other carousels, but none give him as much joy as this particular one.  This thing hits top speeds- perhaps because it was built long before there were limitations in life like safety and height requirements that suffocated the fun out of things keep us out of danger.  Or, perhaps, its this studly black stallion he loves to ride that happens to be dressed in his party colors.  (ok, maybe that's just me that likes that last point).  Either way, he LOVES it, and, as his mother I must oblige the birthday boy!

Our next stop on the birthday train consisted of Fenton's.  If you've never been there, stay away.  One, because the apple crisp will haunt you it's so good, and two, because the line is already long enough and I don't want any more people cramping my wait time.  Jk, but seriously.  This is where Kenty bear gets his one true love: Strawberry Malt.  I've never seen anyone love anything as much as Kenton loves Strawberry malt.  I kid you not, if you take that straw away from him, his nick name takes on a  whole new meaning, as he GROWLS for it back.  

While in good spirits from his favorite ride and snack, I decided it was time.... (cue dramatic song)  Time for the piece de resistance of a first birthday.  Well, at least for the child of a photographer... 


Although not the messiest cake-smasher I've seen, Kenton knows his way around a cake!  At least, after he stopped trying (and succeeding) to push it over.

For this shoot, I wanted a subtle reference to the party theme.  I found some fabric from a quilt I made for Kenton, scrounged up a bow tie and diaper cover pattern, and voila!  Add in some suspenders and WHAM, outfit done!  For the location, I wanted something with simple colors and a rustic feel.  My friend had been raving about this old barn that I just had to check out.  IT. WAS. PERFECT!!  Light peeking in from behind, brown and red tones to compliment the birthday boy, and, well, let's be honest- she had me at rustic barn!  You know me so well!

AND HIS EYES!  I'm sorry, but, I'm his mother, so I will gush.  I have wanted to get a close-up of his eyes for a while now, but it just hasn't happened... until NOW!  I never want to forget the distinct shade of blue they are at this exact moment- they are the type of eyes you could get lost in!

I love my Little Mr!

Thank you for sharing this special occasion with me!  I hope you enjoyed walking through some of our celebration!  Follow me on instagram @cindylookyloo to catch a glimpse at the chalkboard El Jeffe built for the party and all the details of our Little Mr Soiree!

Until next time, my Looky Looers..