Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Say Never....

Hello there, blogland!!

Welcome to a totally random and photography-free post.  (if you're sad about that, rest your soul, because I will be posting a wedding tomorrow!)

TODAY, I am linking up with 3 lovely ladies{WhitneyMeighan, & Nadine} to bring you

Never Have I Ever

Ever played that game?

Here's how it works {the PG version}:

Everyone holds up 10 fingers
Each person says something they've never done
If you've done that thing, you put one finger down
First one with all 10 fingers down loses...
or, wins... IDK... irrelevant I guess

Anyway, it's a fun way to get to know a big group of people quickly!

So, here goes!

10 Random Things I've NEVER done!

1.  Had my eyebrows waxed... or anything else, for that matter
{stole this from Kelly!}

**to be completely honest, I am kind of a salon/pampering avoider- the first time I had a pedicure was 2 years ago, and, I haven't had my HAIR DID in like 8 months... EEK! I wish I could say my Ombre was on purpose!!  ;)

2.  Been to Hawaii

It's really a tragedy, if you ask me!!  :(

3.  Seen the Grand Canyon

To be honest- I'm terrified of heights and this is probably the last place on earth I want to see, so I'm not that sad about it!

4.  Been Fishing

I WILL change this- THIS year.  Seems like a fun thing to try- especially since I have 2 boys!

5.  Been to General Conference

Someday... someday! :)  Luckily I can watch it on TV- THIS weekend! 

6.  Shot a wedding outside of California

I think it would be SO fun to shoot destination weddings!!  

7.  Left the decor in my home/room for longer than 2 months

I know some people hate change (my dad being one of them) but, I LOVE it!  I am constantly looking for new ways to decorate or move furniture around.  Somedays Jeffe comes home from work to a totally transformed living room, bedroom, etc.  You never know when the itch will hit, and when I get an idea in my head I want it done right then- so I usually do it all myself while he's at work!

8.  Put a bumper sticker on my car

I've never found anything I could stand on my car for more than a couple months- this kind of goes with the last one.  I like change too much, so I would want different ones all the time.. then, I'd end up with something like this.....

9. Used Chemistry since High School

I'm not going to lie.. not ONE MOLECULE of my body likes science.. at.all.  And, to this day, I have found no reason why I was forced to endure such torture!  :)  Sorry, to my science-loving friends- it's just not my thing!

10.  Stayed up for 24 hours straight

I am not a happy camper without the proper amount of sleep.  In fact, I'm pretty much a wimp when it comes to staying up late... early to bed, early to rise and all the jazz.  I don't know if "catch the worm," but, I am a lot happier- and when momma's happy, everyone is happy! :)

Well, friends, I hope you have enjoyed this trip down NEVERland lane!

Did you have to put down all 10 fingers?

What have you never done?  Any of the same things as me?

Have splendid day, and thank you for taking a LOOK!



  1. you have never stayed up for 24 hours!??! I am shocked! Especially since youre a mommy! Jeff HAS to take you to Hawaii, but without the kids. It is so amazing!!!!

    so glad you linked up! love you!!!

  2. I was thinking earlier today about all of the things from high school I never used again. Chemistry is definitely one of them but I think I've used Calculus even less! Mathematical proofs? Horrible and pointless for most people. Thanks for linking up with us. I loved your list!

  3. I've never seen the grand canyon either and have several oppurtunities! Love you list, General Confrence is awesome live! Just don't choose to stay up for 24 hours for your first time before going or you will fall asleep ;) Loved your list! Your pics look way cute!

    Jennifer @