Monday, September 15, 2014

Awesome Ashley

Hello Friends!!

Senior Season is wrapping up, and I'm over here like "oh ya, I shot an amazing rep shoot!"

I didn't want to slide completely out of Senior Season without showing you the magic that happened that day.  There was pampering, presents, hair, make-up and photographs- there were TONS of photographs!  

Here is Ashley.  She is smart, beautiful, and- good with children?  It's not what you're thinking!  As part of her class, Ashley helps run a preschool!  A preschool that MY kids attend!  That was where I met Ashley- a sweet smile and kind hello, EVERYDAY.  I remember wondering, "wow, there really are people who are happy EVERY day!"  I was so excited to work with her and capture that wonderful smile on camera.  

What do you think?!

Hair/Make-up by the talented Jessica Munoz of Twist Studio Spa
Styling by Cindy McCauley
Sign (in pond) by Sign, Sealed & Delivered
Jeweled Hair Accessory by 3 Little Birds Boutique

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See you right back here later this week for the final installment of my Senior Rep Trio!


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