Monday, September 12, 2011

Back To School.. Back To School!

I wanted to do something ultra dorky, super schoolish, and totally fun for my back to school shoot!  First step: rummage.  My parents have this amazing room full of stuff behind their house storage facility that I like to frequent when looking for props.  This occasion was no different, so I headed on over and rummaged away.  And, as per usual, amazingly, I found EXACTLY what I needed, and some extras I didn't even know I needed!  First find: perfectly restored old desk.  Better find: horribly antique and totally amazing even-more-antique desk just WAITING to be painted and loved.  So, paint I did!  Then I found myself a globe and some old books and knew my shoot was just a click away!  After clearing out my house of the decor for the millionth time, I outfitted my boys in the most school-nerd-chic outfits I could put together and got on the road!  Here is what I put together:

This shoot is also being offered as a mini session this Friday, so if you want your own school split 8x10, head on over to the Little Looky tab and get the info!

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