Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed.. Try, Try Again!

One of my best friends upon getting pregnant, decided two things: first, I was going to do her newborn pics (well, duh, we are best friends) and second, she wanted something totally country.  So, for nine months, okay, eight months, we schemed and looked up photos and came up with some great ideas.  Then, the day came, and her little MR was born.  However, while little MR was being born, I was on my way out of town for TWO WEEKS!  In newborn photography, days are like years.. the older the babies get, the less likely they are to stay asleep.. and little MR was no exception to the rule.  I spent a lot of time sitting and waiting, hushing, and cuddling.. then, when we finally got the saddle ready- HE DIDN'T FIT!  I know, total let down.. RIGHT?  I had to give up on my friends dream.. RIGHT?  Not only did he totally hate the saddle, but he didn't fit.. what else could I do.. RIGHT?  WRONG!  lol, sorry, my own re-dramatization just made me chuckle.. please realise I am not the best story-teller!  So, this is what I had from my saddle visit (please be kind, as these are SOOC-straight out of camera):

So, you're probably laughing to yourself right now.. poor Cindy, and her crushed dream.. well, that's how I felt.  But, luckily for my friend, I'm not a quitter.. so, I sat, stared, (facebooked when I was bored) and thought about these pictures.  I started fumbling around with them to see if I could create something.. and then an AH HA moment caught me off guard.  I had already posted a not-so-flattering image of the saddle on facebook, ready to surrender and say that's the best I could do.  But, then it hit me.. if he's too big for the saddle, then make him smaller.. okay, so I'm sure all of you saw this conclusion a mile away (my dad is like that.. don't ever watch a suspenseful movie with him) but for those of you who find joy in this journey with me, well here we are, at the end:  Please, let me know what you think of my creation!

While I'm at it, I'll give you a few of the others that little MR was more than willing to participate in and that didn't take a whole lot out of me or Mr Photoshop!  (I do give respect to the highly-criticized, yet highly-useful CS5 who has changed my photography life with every shoot I take, every move I make, every single day.. no wait, that's a PDiddy song..if that's what he goes by now..) Enough babble, on with the show:

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