Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 I got a request to do a fun shoot with a girl.. the only direction she gave me was this: I want it at a vineyard.  The only catch: she only had one free day and I was already double booked that day.  But, since I knew she would be a great model, and, let's be honest, her sister was one of my best friends in junior high, I squeezed her into the not-so-appealing mid-day slot.  First step: find the most beautiful setting: because if it's going to be scorching hot and super bright, I at least want the background to SHINE!  In true Looky Loo fashion, Jeff and I packed up our 2 boys and headed out to scour the few and far between bazillions of vineyards in our area for that perfect place!  One would think that I would choose an area heavily shaded, to mask the sun and time of day.. but, I really wanted to stretch myself and challenge myself to shoot at the exact worst time of day (besides night, but that's a whole other story and a whole other shoot I will soon show you!)!  You have to really know what you're doing to shoot in broad daylight and not just get a bunch of white skies and white faces covered in dark shadows.  At this point I was so very grateful for everything my professor taught me and how strict he was about skies being blue!  Anyway, we found two locations that I loved and knew my client would adore... when Saturday came, I packed along a camera, a reflective shade, and a red chair, and this is what happened:

                              On The Road To Success! I'm not going to lie- I love themes and being cliche!

                                                        My Personal Fav from the shoot

She was so fun and free-spirited and literally let me mold her in every which way!  I had so much fun!  AND, as a huge bonus, and major side note, she used these pictures for a modeling interview and GOT IT!  Not that I'm surprised, she's beautiful and so easy to work with!  What a splendid, challenging, and totally fulfilling day of work! :)  thanks for stopping by!

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