Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nests, Tee Pees, and PINK... OH MY!

While perusing one of my favorite blogs recently, I came across this article ( http://confessionsofapropjunkie.com/?p=4311 ) ... and if you know me or have seen my house/decor/garage, you know that indeed I am a prop junkie!  So, upon reading about the ease and adorable-ness I decided to hit up dollar tree, scrounge around for an old sheet, and throw together some scraps of fabric for my very own pink tee pee!  While step one to this process was quite time consuming, step 2 (find willing client) came with great ease!  Willing client= cute little girl on the cusp of 1 with endless smiles, engaging eyes, and elaborate curls!  YAY!  So, here, for your viewing pleasure is what I came up with.. I also stopped by Michael's for a make-shift nest, and raided my decor for a feast of extras.. Who says building a fort can't be beautiful? .. please enjoy! :)

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