Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh, To Be Young and Carefree!

Last Friday, I traveled down a long and winding road, with zero expectations.  I was doing a senior portrait session with a girl I'd never met on a property I'd never visited.  So, with a tank low on gas, a mind racing with ideas, and two cameras charged and ready to go, we set out on our adventure!
This is the beautiful young woman we met on our way in.. who was fun, carefree, and make-up-less!  And, need I mention, flawless!

While traveling around the property, getting inspiration and clicking pics, I came across this truck and was immediately in love.  Once we found out it was hers, we knew it was a MUST as a prop!  I love adding that special elements to pictures that makes them only yours!

Did I mention that she lives on some amazing property?!  Everywhere we turned we found amazing spots.. my mind was spinning with ideas with every glance in a different direction!  Such a fun shoot!  Please enjoy! ;) 

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