Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fast Cars and Freedom! | San Luis Obispo County Senior Portrait Photographer

With each and every shoot that I do, I try to grow in some way.  This Senior shoot was no exception.  My client, a young, smart, and talented Senior had some really extreme ideas of what he envisioned for his Senior Portraits.  I was excited to take on the challenge, and terrified that I wouldn't meet his high expectations.  Step One: find a location to meet these needs.  Step Two: study new photography techniques and practice practice practice!  Step Three: don't forget mom- she wants some standard nice photos of her son!  So, the shoot was done in 4 phases, let me know what you think:
Phase 1:  Running from a TRAIN
Phase 2: Cool bridge for some Longboarding shots- while also sneaking in a few "mom shots"

Phase 3: Show off the car he has worked hard on

Phase 4: Awesome mural wall for a few more "mom shots"


  1. You did an amazing job! Thank you! He said, "Cindy's a really good photographer." I agree.

  2. Thank you!! And Kristen, thank you again for having me do these- it was seriously so fun! I love doing different and exciting things!! :)