Monday, October 3, 2011

FLower Girl

A couple weeks ago, I was personally asked by the blog owner at Ordinary Inspirations, to join the blog and enter in the weekly photo contests!  Of course, I immediately rushed on over and became a member, and the very next Monday (this week) entered my first photo in her contest.  The contest works like this: photogs enter a photo they feel captures beauty, then Traci picks her top 3 favorites and everyone votes for #1.  Well, TRACI PICKED MINE!  I was so stinkin excited when I saw it this morning! Now, let me warn you, I am 100% sure I won't win, since I even think the beach scene is better than mine- but, it was so great just to be in the top 3 with these other 2 amazing photographers!  Thank you Traci!  So, head on over HERE and check them out, and, if you feel so inclined, vote for me! :)

This is my beautiful niece, Emma.  She just turned 8 last week and I was reminded of these beach-side photos I had taken this summer!  What a fun, vibrant, and beautiful little girl!

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  1. LOVE the processing on this....You niece is beautiful!