Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looky Tip: Clothing Crisis

Since my blog post over on MessyDirtyHair was so popular, I decided to post it over here, too.  I've been asked by the lovely Kelly, of MessyDirtyHair to be a weekly blogger, so I will post the popular ones over here, so that all my fans can enjoy them as well.
Now, back to what to wear for a shoot:

Question #1 after we've established date/time of a shoot is: WHAT DO I WEAR?!  Here are 5 tips to answer that question:


1.  Wear something you're comfortable in.  While I can work miracles on love handles and arm fat- I cannot wipe that uncomfortable look off your face!

2.  DO NOT hide from color!  Bright and vibrant are much more appealing to look at than a family in jean suits.  Look at the location of the shoot and pick colors that go with and stand out against it.  DO NOT wear the same colors as your background- unless your intention is to blend in.  And, while I'm on the topic of color, let's address matching.  Coordinating color scheme= cute.  Same exact outfit on each person= creepy.  When choosing colors, don't forget the colors that look best on you.  Specifically: colors that bring out your eyes.  One of the biggest factors in how focused, intense, and beautiful a picture looks is the eyes.  I am good at enhancing eyes- but that's just it, I just enhance.  I only work with the color that's already there- so do us a favor and give the best color possible to work with.

3.  Don't shy away from pattern and texture- it adds so much life and excitement to a photo!

4.  Don't worry about being "too trendy."  I hear so many people say, "I don't want to look back in 20 years and wonder what I was wearing!"  So, you want to look back and realize you had zero fashion sense?  The best part about looking back at my HILARIOUS fashion statements of the 90's is knowing all my friends were rockin the same sweat suits and scrunchis.  Be trendy- embrace the times!

5.  Be you- your clothing is your chance to portray who you are.  Wear what you love- Be Confident, Be Beautiful, Be You.  But, most importantly, wear your smile!  I love the "sexy serious face" as much as the next girl.  But, don't forget to shed a smile here & there- if for nothing, to show that you were indeed happy that day! :)

Most of all- HAVE FUN!  It shows in your body language, your eyes, and in your smile.  So, sit back, enjoy the ride, and let your photographer worry about what you look like.

**I offer styling with all of my packages and will consult with you on clothing/accessories for the day-working with what is already in your closet.  If you are looking for a totally different look, I can also put a pin board together with a whole theme, giving you direction in your shopping.  Email me for more details on how we can work together to style your next shoot! :)

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  1. Thanks Cindy. Great tips for great photographs and everyday stylin'. I'm rethinking my next shopping spree. =)