Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Photo Fix

Hey guys!  We are so happy to announce our latest addition: FRIDAY Photo Fix with PALOMA&CINDY!  Every week one of us will give you tips, tricks, advice or random ramblings, hopefully having something to do with photography.  Send us your questions and we will answer them here!  This week, we are happy to hear from Paloma!  Paloma is our newest stylist and will be giving you tips, tricks, and ideas on how to fashion your shoot!!  She's bringing some spice and flavor to Looky Loo and we are SO excited to have her!  Without further ado, here is Ms Paloma with this Friday's edition:


One trend I am LOVING right now, is lace!  Cindy recently talked about adding texture to your pictures through your outfit.  Lace gives you texture, mood and elegance all in one piece!  But how do you make lace fit into your wardrobe?  Let me show you how to use your own closet to transform your look.  You can ALWAYS shop in your own closet and still get a trendy look.  Today, we are shopping for lace!

First up- you have some white lace dresses, but you don't want to look like you are walking down the aisle.  Quick fix: add a dark color, with your jacket or shoes to quickly go from bridal beauty to everyday chic!

Now, what do you do with that vintage lace top you have hanging around?  Pair with a bright trendy skirt.  Add a belt, some tan pumps and some light accessories and TADA!

So, you are doing a shoot with a certain feel and want to incorporate lace.. now what?  Here is an example of how with the right accessories you can transform the lacey dress into boho chic.

What did she do:  add essential boho accessories- dreamcatcher necklace, feathers, turquoise, and boots.  You could even complete the look with a dark floppy hat.  Lace is not only for the classic look anymore, ladies!

Try something new!  I love this lace top, but I'm not in love with how she used it.  Think outside the box, open your color pallet to more than just black and white.  I would pair this white lace top with skinny jeans, a vintage colored top (maybe in light turquoise or a soft mauve), tan pumps, a belt, and gold accessories.  Dress down the look by trading out your pumps for flats and use less jewelry.

Simple spice up: Try lace in a color.  Feel like it's a little too risky?  Throw a simple tank underneath.  
Girls Lace Dress 2012 Fashion Trends Style

Too Spicy: Neon lace.  I know, I know, neon is huge right now.  Don't lose the glam and elegance altogether stick to basic colors for your lace, using accessories to add punch and spice!

Dare to be pretty, be feminine, make it you!  Lace is ageless, timeless and can fit any style!
Here are a few more pictures of lacey things I love to keep you inspired until next Friday!
Trending lace dress
Trending lace dresses

Lace Overlay Girls Dress l Flower Girl Dresses l
eBay: lace flower girl dress

Can't you just PICTURE yourself in some lace?!

Did you get your Photo Fix?  Come back next Friday to talk photos with me!  Until then, KEEP IT SPICEY! ;)

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