Friday, August 17, 2012

Prior Family Fundraiser Photoshoot

Hello my sweet Looky Loo Fans.  Today I write to you with heartbreaking news.  My friend, and fellow photographer, Mike Prior, lost his wife this week unexpectedly.  She left behind, not only her sweet husband, but 5 children ages 5 and under- including infant twin boys.  My heart broke when I heard the tragic news.  I could not believe that this possibly happened.

I immediately decided I MUST do something to help.  I mentally went through my list of resources and possibilities and quickly came up with a fundraiser idea.  Local photographers offering as many mini shoots as we can and donating all of the proceeds to the Prior family.  Now the hard part: contact my fellow photographers who don't know Mike and ask them to join the cause.  WITHOUT HESITATION all 3 of these AMAZING photographers were willing to donate their time, talents, and expertise to the cause. THANK YOU: Melissa Janice, and Saulo!!  You guys rock!  I am so touched at your generosity and willingness to help- I seriously cannot say enough good things about these fellow photographers!

Here is where you come in:

Book a shoot with one of us for
Wednesday, August 22nd from 6-8
15 minute slots
5 edited images 
By donation ($50 min)
100% of the proceeds will go to the Prior 
family in their time of need

We all have times in our lives where we must rely on those around us to help us pick ourselves up and carry on.  Even if you don't know the Priors, I'm sure you can sympathize with the pains of this sweet little family.  My goal is to book up all 36 slots, giving them a minimum of $1800!  Many hands make light loads.  Please help us in this wonderful cause!

I appreciate all of my wonderful fans!!

All our love to you, Prior family!

Loo Who

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