Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday MUST!

HELLOOOOO Little Loves!!

It's ME!!  I know, I've been preoccupied for SO long now, that I'm sure you've forgotten all about the joys and fun found here at Looky Loo!  Well, I've found a few spare minutes, and I vow to be back at it and not so fully neglect you.... for now!  As you know, my family comes first- and then the pictures- and THEN the blog.  Don't worry, I will slowly be adding in blog posts to update you on all of the wonderful pictures I have been taking in my absence!!  

But, for now, it's time for MONDAY MUST!!  (sweet/fun image to come)

WHAT is Monday Must??!!  

Well, Monday Must is where I blabber on all about some Must-have, Must-do, Must-see, or Must-whatever that is tumbling around in this crazy head of mine.  

Anything from clothing to site-seeing, THIS is the place where you will see my latest MUSTS- each and every Monday!

And this Monday, we are REALLY kicking it off Halloween style:

MUST-GO Pumpkin Farm!!

Ok, so, as a disclaimer, I LOVE Halloween!  I LOVE to dress up, I LOVE to decorate, I LOVE black, I LOVE excuses to take treats to people, and I LOVE to dress up!  (yes, that required on encore)  Pretty much the only thing I don't like about Halloween is candy... WHAT?!  STOP RIGHT THERE LOOKY LOO, YOU ARE C-A-R-A-Z-Y!  

..I get that a lot..

I know, but alas, I'm allergic to chocolate and hate things that stick to my teeth, so that doesn't leave a lot of candy left.  But, before you totally die or stop reading of heart-ache for me- there are a lot of other treats that I adore, pumpkin being one of them- so, I'm fine! ;)

ANYWHO, back to the matter at hand- Pumpkin Farms!  Last year, upon trekking the 101, I came across the MOST AMAZING PUMPKIN FARM EVERRR!  

Today's MONDAY-MUST is:


Not only do they have TONS of Pumpkins in their pumpkin patch... yes, you can pick your own pumpkin... BUT, they have LOADS of fun things for the kiddos and JAW DROPPING scenery!  Definitely a crowd pleaser and fun for the whole family!  In fact, that is where my family pictures will be this year- I know, I'm obsessed!  But, when I'm into something, I LOVE IT!  Whole-heartedly!  

Ok, Ok, check it out for yourself if you don't believe me:

Pumpkins, check!

 Kid fun, Triple check!  (there are also bounce  houses, corn maze, haunted-ness, etc)

Train car, check!

SCENERY???  Well, you get the idea...

Ok, so here's the deal- free to get in, free to walk around and a few bucks here and there for the kid activities- really, amazing!

AND, even better- if you are like me (car-less and hubby mia from 6am-9pm) and don't have any possible way to get your tush on over before Halloween, HAVE NO FEAR!  They will be open through November!!  SWEET!  I seriously love this place!  I even went to prom here as a high schooler, just to give you an even further testimonial to the beauty! :)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my Halloween dose of Monday-Must

What is your MUST this week??!  

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned later this week for Tinker Tuesday and Photo Friday!


**This post is composed of 1000% Looky Loo opinion, I am in no way sponsored or compensated by San Marcos Ranch or its affiliates!

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