Monday, June 8, 2015

{A&B} An Oakland Wedding

Live in Love.

One of my favorite quotes is: A True Love Story Never Ends.

As I walked the Oakland LDS Temple grounds with this couple, then traipsed through the beautiful wooded Joaquin Miller Park, I saw true love.

The groom, a man I've know since he was a boy, who was once rambunctious and loud, was delicate and soft.  He guided his beautiful bride along the paths, he lifted her dress to keep it from the elements of the day.  

The two were alight with love.  In between each pose, each time I readjusted the models, I caught them cuddling, smiling, and of course, kissing.  This, these sweet, candid moments of love are what I find immense joy in.  This is why I LOVE to shoot weddings.  To capture that spark, that thing that drove these two to commit their lives, their eternities to one another.

If you don't believe me, look for yourself:

Sorry for the love overload- it's literally impossible to take a bad picture of these two- they are STUNNING!

To top it off, the bride is not only kind and beautiful, but extremely talented.  On top of doing her own hair and make-up for the day, she put together a GORGEOUS reception:

Months later and I feel I am still in awe of this beautiful couple and this AMAZING day!  

Did you enjoy this trip their beautiful wedding?  Can you feel the love they share?

What was your favorite image?

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  1. i am in LOVE with the family photo in front of the temple where the bride and groom are kissing, and the family around them all looks SO happy! you can FEEL the energy rolling off of this picture!