Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Viva Las Vegas!

As some of you may have noticed, my family went MIA for about a week.

Where on Earth did we go, you ask?

Las Vegas.

Yep, me, my husband and five kids hit up sin city.  Why in the world did we take our young family to Vegas, you may be asking yourself.  No, it wasn't to show them what not to do.  No, no.  We find Vegas oddly relaxing.  We stay at a resort and relax in the sun while our babes roam the water.  

There are actually a lot of fun things to do with kids in Vegas that have nothing to do with alcohol, gambling, or strippers... gasp.

First, there's Circus Circus.  There, you can either go to the adventuresome to get in some fun amusement rides, or go over to the circus land and see a free circus show.  

There are also FABULOUS parks in Vegas.  Our favorite happens to be located near some pretty fun shopping, double score!  The Town Square Las Vegas boasts a fabulous splash pad complete with a play house, a unicorn, a stage for those dramatic rug rats AND a hedge maze.  Leave your husband behind to play and scoot on over to an array of shopping!  LOVE!

Of course, our visit wouldn't be complete without a stop by the M&M factory- check out their cute 3D movie and grab some M&Ms in your favorite color!

Of course, there's plenty of sight-seeing.  My oldest declared he didn't need to go to Paris now that he's seen the mini eiffel tower- "this one's tall enough!"  The fountains set to music at the Belagio are always a fun sight and the Volcano at the Mirage never disappoints, though, I will caution that it is loud and hot, so it may send a shiver or two down some spines.  

Other fun things to do that aren't on the inexpensive list are: Serendipity3 at Caesars (we were lucky enough to get spoiled by the table next to us who got our family the full dessert platter that included a huge chocolate chest filled with ALL of their desserts, we can attest- they are the BEST!), the dolphins and lions at the Mirage are amazing- I've never seen lions so large and majestic- we were even spoiled by a private tour by Siegfried himself.. he just happened to walk out and ended up getting the lions and tigers to get up and do a couple of tricks while we were there!  

But, my favorite part of this particular trip to the busy city was actually just outside of Vegas in a small town called Nelson, NV.  A small, preserved Ghost Town in Nevada that has been amazingly maintained.  It has old cars, busses, and even an old plane perfectly placed in the side of hill.  Add to that an array of old buildings and barns, and this old mine town is an EXCELLENT stop.  My kids LOVED just exploring all there was to see.

Of course, being a photographer, I have to say, words cannot do this town justice!  Let me show you what I mean about the amazingness:

You can see how I was in photographer's heaven, right?!  I NEED to own a town like this someday!  Until then, I will get my fix each year when I visit good old Nelson!

I had intended to spend a week away from work and responsibility, but as soon as I saw this place, I knew I had to capture it!  

I hope you enjoyed my recap of Vegas!  Would you ever take your family there?  Do you enjoy a jaunt to sin city every now and then?  What's your favorite thing to do?

Thank you for stopping by!!  Be sure to comment below and show some love!  ;)

Here's Looking at YOU!


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