Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grandma Looky Loo

My Grandma decided to spend the winter in the beautiful California weather- escaping the cold of Idaho.  So, while she was here basking in the sun, my Mom asked me to do a shoot with her.  She picked a lovely location with beach views, huge trees, and rock-islands.  My Grandma was a trooper- check it out:
 She even brought her pup, Penny for some pics!  (Can you tell she's my Grandma now---
it's the skinnier, darker version of Lola!)

For the tree pose, I told my Grandma to give me a little Sass- not bad!  :)

 I just LOVED these bare trees next to that beautiful view!

 Some more sass.. 

 We then headed to another beach for some rocky landscape... On a random side note,
WHY is it called Shell Beach if there are NO shells (my son was really

Another SUPER TROOPER moment from Grandma: she had to RUN to 
this rock while the water was out and jump on before the waves came crashing
down and surrounded her with water!  No, not your average Grandma! ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed your travel through my Grandma's beach adventure! 
It's nice to spend time with those who came before you and get an appreciation
for your heritage while it is still here!  Stay tuned, I have another beach shoot coming up 
this weekend and a beachy maternity session to post later on today!  Oh, for the love of 


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