Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Your Neighborhood Headstone Collection

A couple weeks ago, Jeff and I pulled up to this BEAUTIFUL home and property for a lovely Reunion Shoot.  As we walked around, looking for inspiration, we came across some beautiful grasslands, old fencing, tractors, and HEADSTONES scattered around...  But, we'll get to that later..

Meet the [W] Family

I just loved the open pastures, old fencing and the green all around!  Although, I could have done without the wind.. but, alas, such is life I guess!

Ok, so after snapping a few family shots, I had to ask... WHAT is with the assortment of scattered gravestones?!?  Well, it turns out that the previous owner was a gravestone maker, and when he messed up, he just tossed it aside!  The family also went on to tell me that their daughter-in-law is an actress and her latest role was in a ZOMBIE MOVIE. WHAT?  Next stop: Zombie/headstone shot!!

 (I know, I have WAY too much fun on my shoots.. but, can you blame me?  Who could resist!)

 Back to the present- non-zombie pictures of this lovely family:

What boy doesn't love a good tractor pose!  I tried to get the girls in on it, too- but they were more the flower-power type!  Girls after my own heart! :)

In fact, this little beauty below even began picking flowers for me, and was having so much fun on our little adventure that she forgot we were taking pictures and just climbed up into my lap!  Cutest.Thing.Ever!

I just LOVED all of the colors and textures around!

Of course, if you know me, the serious-ness was interrupted again by some fun:

A little Kung-Fu Time out is always good!

All-in-all a fun shoot with a fun family!  It was so great to meet you and capture your lovely smiles!  I hope you enjoyed your tour through this lovely property in San Luis Obispo.  Feel free to leave a comment of love! :)  

Stay tuned- I have a lot of posts to catch up on!!

Thanks for taking a time out to go Looky Loo!!



  1. These came out great! I'm so excited to get the whole disk. Thank you so so much! You guys are awesome!

  2. Truth be told, I was so busy playing, I kept forgetting that we were taking pictures. Good thing it was you with the camera and not me :o)