Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day To Me!

So, a couple months ago, when the blossoms were blooming and the grass was green, I decided I wanted my own styled shoot.  I have had so much fun setting these up for other people, but was yearning for my own little family to have a picture that was more representative of us- fun, bold, and of course, matchy-matchy! :)

Since I had been so busy taking pictures for others in the blossoms, we were a little late- so you'll just have to pretend with me that these trees are filled to the brim with pink blossoms! ;)

My boys are such troopers!  They willingly wore these bow-ties I made, and even my sweet husband donned some pink!  :)

When your name is Calvin you have 1 of 2 choices- embrace your comic name-sake, or ignore that pet Tiger that's begging to get you in trouble.  Well, our Calvin does #1- he reads this book every night!

I LOVE my boys- they are my WHOLE WORLD.  I mentioned on the fan-page yesterday that I love my job as a photographer, but, I must admit that no job compares to the passion and love I have for being a mom! :)

A few family favorites! 

I'm starting to get concerned that Boston has an unhealthy addiction to Brown Bear... He has me read it OVER and Over and over!  He even has Brown Bear shoes! :)  I will, however, take partial blame for this obsession, since I have silly and ridiculous voices to go with each character ( my husband threatens to commit me when he hears them- but, the joy on Boston's face is worth any reference to crazy!)

THIS is B-Town to me.. He secretly 100% believes he is a dinosaur!

Calvin is ever the gentleman- he loves to pick flowers, open doors, and growl.  (we're working on the last one)

 My name is Cindy, and I am addicted to Bow-Tie Cuteness... Now that I know how to make them I feel my boys should have them in every color- that's normal, right??

Thank you for sharing a little piece of my Mother's Day with me!  I love my family!  I could not ask for 3 better men in my life that these 3!  



  1. beyond obsessed with this shoot! OMG!! cindy i think this needs to be on my blog as well. there is nothing cuter than this OMG!!!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I'll do a "styled shoot" segment with these photos! :)

  3. YESSS do it! these photos are amazing! i eve pinned a few! <3