Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sugar & Spice, & Everything Nice...

That's what this little girl is made of!!  So this mom called me a couple months ago saying she would LOVE a shoot with me!  I was so flattered, not only because she said she is amazed by my work (sigh) but because her father is one of my fav photogs (saulo photography)!  What an honor! :)
Well, let me introduce you to little Ms Rosie Cheeks:

Isn't she ADORABLE?!

Well, in true Looky Loo fashion, we started the shoot off with a tea party, of course!  Because, as you know, every girl shoot should start with a tea party and end with a curtsy! 
(we're all a little mad after all- right??)

Then bring on the flowers!!  

I still refuse to believe dandelions could possibly be weeds- they are so amazing and lovely and care-free!  (I really was never into science... at all)

Next, we were on to the urban/edgy portion of the shoot... I know, you're scratching your head right now and trying to put Looky Loo and edgy in the same sentence?? What the What?  
Well, this is Dad's style and his personal touch to the session, and.. turns out, I LOVED IT!  So you can count on a little more edge from Looky Loo in the future!  (stop sweating- I said a little, we will always stay  true to our antique/quirky feel, just a little something extra)

Speaking of antique, what could be more antique than a bonnet in the tall grass????? NOTHING I tell you, Nothing!  It doesn't get more old-fashioned and "i just walked across the plains" than that!  Here is Ms. Rosie Cheeks the Pioneer Woman! ;)

And the piece de resistance:

Yeah, I know, nothing could possibly be more cute than a girl at a vanity, except of course if that girl is in a petti romper (new prop of mine) and her mother's shoes!  AHHHH, LiFe is GOOD!

Well, in closing, I must thank Little Ms Rosie Cheeks for her major cuteness!  I hope you all enjoyed this small trip through Paso with us!


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