Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blog the Blog

As some of you may know, I take every opportunity I can to learn and grow in the photography industry. However, doing so can be very expensive.  So I always love when an opportunity to win a chance to learn and grow presents itself.  And, today, the opportunity came in the form of a giveaway via CRAVE photography.  I should tell you, Crave is one of my favorite places to go for photography inspiration.  While most of the time I like to come up with my own inventive new ideas, sometimes I hit a block and have to go check out what the "big guys" are doing.  Crave is one of those sites I go to.  She is amazing and SO sweet!  Go check her out on Facebook here: Crave Photography  Then, go check out the amazing giveaway she is having on her blog- most of it is for photographers, but there are some other fun things on there as well.  For me, the lens and the one-on-one workshop would be a dream come true!!  Here's the link: Crave Giveaway!
Are you craving a giveaway??  Don't worry, Look Loo is prepping for the biggest month of the year for us: TUNE INTO JUNE!!  We will have plenty of giveaways (if you are a vendor and want to give something away, just email me), lots of new happenings, and some other fun tips/tricks ALL MONTH LONG!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!



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