Monday, February 27, 2017

3 Magical Months

You guys already know I'm not the "post at each month" mom.  I want to be, so bad, but I'm not.

And that's ok.

So, here's Monroe.  I'm calling this her 3 month post, although she is 2 days from being 4 months.  Sigh.

I didn't really get in a newborn shoot, my 1 month post was only to instagram and was 2 weeks from her being 2 months, and her 2 month post also only hit insta and was a few days after she turned 2 months.

I thought I was headed in the right direction, getting better.  But then 3 months hit.  She decided she disliked being 3 months and reverted back to newborn: no sleep.

So, I sleepily made my way from 3 months to now.  

All well, such is life with 6 kids.

However, I'm counting it, because technically she's still 3 months.  And because I am determined to be the monthiversary mom!

So, here is Monroe in all her 3 month glory:

At 3 months, Monroe LOVES to be in jammies, I mean LOVES it!
She gets cranky if you put her in anything else and lights up the minute she's back in them.

So, obviously, we have dubbed them "Rosie's Cozies." 

She loves to chat and is very social.  We love our Rosie girl!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed a peek at our precious little girl!

What kind of mom are you?  What silly things do you do to try and be a different kind of mom?  What's your favorite wardrobe essential?


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