Thursday, February 16, 2017

Love is in the air!

With Valentine's Day behind us and the ultimate candy shopping experience (2/15) gone, one would think the days of love are over until next year.

Not so.

SO not so!

My sweet friends, Gabby and Rodney are extended the love- why not spend the WHOLE WEEK in love, after all?!

I am officially OFF my maternity leave and headed to the beautiful Falls Event Center to capture their wedding, TOMORROW!!


Why, you ask, would I be so excited to capture the love between two people I've only met once??

Well, I'll just let the pictures do the explaining:

I know, RIGHT?!

They are adorable, and sweet!  I can't wait to spend their special day with them!

Amidst the less-than-ideal weather, I just know their love will shine!

Favorite moment from this shoot- when Rodney turned to Gabby and asked, "are you smiling like you REALLY love me?!"

I'm sure you can tell by these pictures the answer to that!  Their love is almost tangible.

Happy Wedding Eve, you two!

I'm off to pack!

Thank you for stopping by!

Be sure and let me know in the comments below what you think of this lovely Fresno engagement session!


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