Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!


I hope that Christmas Eve finds you with 
*The stockings all hung with care
*Presents all wrapped up tight
*Food all cooked and ready to devour

But, if you're anything like me---

'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through our home..
There was scurrying and hurrying and all sorts of things needing done.

Presents awaiting their final assemble, 
And pictures of side dishes we hope they soon resemble.

But amidst all the chaos and clatter,
We look around and see that none of this matters.

Our bows may not be tied just right,
The wrapping may look like it's gone through a fight.

Perhaps the food is not so picture-perfect,
But, come morning, it will all be worth-it.

For, the best part of Christmas can't be wrapped, bow-ed, baked or bought,
The BEST part of Christmas comes from our 2 tiny tots!

Ok, ok, I'm not the greatest poet- ON WITH THE SHOW!

Today, is MONDAY MUST, with a Christmas twist..

First, I must recap last weeks Monday Must- Roberts was AMAZING!!  AND, Estrella is a VERY close second to Roberts- the flavors of the food are on-point!  They definitely do not disappoint- in fact, when I got home, I told Jeffe that Roberts may be losing it's first place ranking in my fav restaurants category.  Jury is still out- apparently there are a few more dishes I need to try before I cast my final vote.  None the less, Estrella is TOTALLY MUST-WORTHY!

Now, on to Christmas!!

This Monday MUST is dedicated to giving.  I don't care what religion or non-religion you are, there is nothing wrong with stopping and appreciating those around you!  This Monday MUST is a Must-Do, today and tomorrow, I challenge you to give as much love and joy as you can muster to those around you.  Be they friend or foe, family or stranger- we could all use a little more love in our life!

I love Christmas, I really do.  It's a time to turn our hearts to faith, love and family!  I love my little family more than anything!  I love to see those smiling faces! 

Which, brings me to the giving segment of this post.... We, here at Looky Loo, LOVE TO GIVE PRESENTS!!  And we were racking our brains as to what we could give YOU this holiday!  And, what better gift than the gift of  SMILES!

We have shared such touching moments with our fans this year- and we are so touched that you allowed us to be apart of some of your biggest moments!

To give back, we are giving away TWO photoshoots for Christmas.

So, how, might you ask, does one receive such a present?

Well, one family has already been chosen, by us for their immense kindness and giving throughout the year.  The SECOND, will be chose by YOU!

So, here's the scoop.  You email me with your pick of a family most deserving of a free photoshoot.  Tell me what has impressed you, how they have changed the lives of those around them through selfless act of kindness.  And I will give them a FREE PHOTOSHOOT!

*You can't nominate yourself
*You have two days to email me (today and tomorrow)
*I will pick my winner Christmas night
*It must be a family in SLO County

Ok, those are the details, I'm sure you've already thought of someone who would be perfect, so what are you waiting for??!!  Stop reading this and get to your email asap!  

Well, I am a photographer after all, so I leave you with these smiling faces to send you on your Merry Way....


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