Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Little 4-Year-Old!

Let the Celebrations CONTINUE!

Last week, someone shared a thought that was so inspirational.  They talked about how we shouldn't stop at 12 days of Christmas, and how important the 13th day of Christmas was...

Well, for me, that really hit home.

Because, on the 13th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

A child.

He is kind
He is smart
He is important... He is SO important.

So, on this 13th day of  Christmas, we do not stand in long return lines, we do not tear down all of the Christmas decorations, nor do we agonize over the many unwanted pounds gained... No, we are far too busy celebrating to do any of that!  Our 13th day is filled with waffles, playing, candles, and wishes!  Oh, and some hulk-tastic fun!  (yeah, that's right, we're hulk fans around here!)

Here is my little Hulk Smash's (he chose his blog name) 4 year photoshoot:

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta HUG....

As you FLY off, we hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

Thank you for stopping by!!  

Loo Who

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  1. Your little guy is so cute! As always your pictures look amazing.