Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You say it's your Birthday...... It's my Birthday, Too!

Happy Day, Loves!

Today, to change it up a bit and give you a rest from hearing from me, I've enlisted some of my closest friends over the years to give you the inside scoop on Loo Who!

First up, my built-in, lifetime best friend: my sister..

I was racking my brain thinking of memorable moments of you, and I always go back to you as a baby.  You had reddish hair and a sweet round belly.  You loved peaches baby food.  You were such a sweet, happy baby. 

One night, in the house at Harris Ranch when you were still a little baby, we couldn't find you.  We looked and looked, but no Cindy.  You had crawled into your own little bed - too high for us to think you could get into it - and fell asleep. 
On a road trip to Riverside (I think), your dad gave you chocolate and you threw it up everywhere.  Out of all of the vomit I've witnessed in my life, that one has always stuck around.  Who knew you'd be allergic to chocolate? 
When you were a toddler, you wouldn't let me curl your hair.  You would cry and cry, but no curling iron would touch your hair. 
And the soda... your dad told you that soda turns your teeth green.  On a trip back from Idaho, we only had a Sprite in the car, and you were very, very thirsty for milk.  Well, milk doesn't keep well in a car, so we didn't have anything for you.  You were soooo thirsty, and gave in to the soda.  And your teeth didn't turn green - but you were devestatingly certain they would. 
I loved you and took care of you the moment you came home to us in a stocking.

So, yes, I am still allergic to chocolate, go to bed early, and don't like soda- random Loo Who facts 1,2 & 3.  However, I have learned to love a curling iron and no longer fit into a stocking- at least none that I have seen.  

*another fun fact: my first son also got to come home in a stocking!

Fast forward to high school- Lindsey-

I don't even know where to start! Bounce house party at your house, wayyy too many funny girls camp memories, our letter notebooks, Tommy Boy quoting, school dances.. There are very few memories from freshman year and half my sophomore year that don't involve you.

Yes, random fact #4:Tommy Boy is still my favorite movie!! :)

Up Next, another one of my high school best friends and cheer buddy: Amanda.  

So I've been trying to figure out which of our many memories would be best to share. I think the best one has to be the time we decided to start dressing "nicer" or something like that and got all dressed up and went to albertsons( i know we were going somewhere else too, I just don't remember where). Some lady even commented on our outfits!

Yes, "dressing better."  I think I still have this obsession!  Amanda has probably been my girliest best friend over the years- I think this was really when I learned to love all things pink and pretty!  In fact, every time I think of her or those memories, it's an instant: "aww!"  Random fact #5: I have the HARDEST time picking out what to wear, and usually just wear yoga pants!

Ok, the next one is funny, she is the only one of my friends on this list who has lived with me (besides my sister and hubs), so she knows some of my weirdest quirks.. but even funnier, she called me by the wrong name FOREVER.  She is one of my college best friends: Jessica

You hate eating stale cereal and always ended up throwing almost an entire box away.... The first time we went to chili's, you got ordering anxiety because you didn't know what was good... Going to Costco for lunch... You falling in the street and busting your lip and holding q- tips up to it because for some reason the house we were at had no toilet paper. And most of all calling you Courtney for the 1st month we knew each other. 

Well, random facts #6, 7, & 8: I've gotten better about cereal- I just eat oatmeal, I still have ordering anxiety at new restaurants, still love Costco samples (and have passed that love to my children), and she still calls me Courtney (but now as a joke)!

The next friend is funny, because she's actually the mom of one of my best friends from high school, but as I got older and married and had kids, I became close friends with her: Cari

I have lots of memories of you being my daughter, Ren's friend. You were always smiling and laughing together. How funny time is that you have crossed the great divide into wife-Dom and parenthood, and done an amazing job I might add. I treasure our friendship and the wisdom and sparkle you bring to everyone you meet! I also like to get my digs in with Ren by saying well, she is my friend now also!!! She just hates that! My favorite thing you have ever said is "hey, by the end of the day if my kids are still alive......goal accomplished!"

Like Ren, Cari brings out my funny side.  We just laugh and joke, so she gets all of my good one-liners! lol!  Oh ya, random fact #9 ... I may or may not think I'm a comedian!

That brings me to today.  And, just as I always dreamed, my best friend is my husband.  Here is a video displaying all of the notes he left for me today, set to the song that always reminds him of me- ENJOY!  :)

Hmm, there were a few random facts in there: 10. I cannot read to my children without making crazy voices, 11: I'm a HUGE plan-o-holic, and I'm sure tons more- I'm pretty random and quirky!  But, that's what I love most about these people- they know all of the quirks and still love me!  That alone makes it a Happy Birthday!

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me!  

What are some random facts about you?  

Happy 6 Days until Christmas!! ;)


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