Monday, March 18, 2013

Feeling Lucky!

Well, friends, 


A little late, I know, but Sunday fun day is spent with my family, so here I am now to talk about all things lucky! :)

First up, some pictures from my "luck o' the irish" shoot with Mr B-town.

 I am SO lucky to have this little boy in my life!  He is funny and loud, he is tender and sweet, and at times, he drives me crazy- but, he is my world!  I love this little man "to infinity and beyond!"

What things were you lucky enough to enjoy yesterday??  Family?  Friends?  Green Food?

I spent a lovely day with my 3 main men, DECKED in green from head to toe.  My little "Hulk Smash" was in heaven!  His favorite color is green and a whole day dedicated to all things green tickled him pink green!

Well, now that we've got all of the holiday nonsense out of the way, let's get down to business.  It is Monday after all, which calls for your weekly dose of...

It's been a while since my last "MUST" rant, so I have ran into so many things that I feel are "MUST-WORTHY."  Unfortunately, that would make for a very long blog post, so let me leave you with just a few MUSTS for the day.

First up:  A MUST-TRY!  Recently, Jeff and I went to Cheesecake Factory on a sweet little date.  We found a little number on the menu that was AMAZING!  Upon returning home, I was dedicated to recreating this little ditty.  I found a decent recipe, tweaked it around, and then... VOILA!

For your sweet night in, you MUST try this recipe, straight to you from my kitchen:

Must #2: A MUST-DO!  So, a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a really fun shoot.  

Do you have a best friend?  Then you will appreciate this:

Is that not SO FUN!?  At what point do we get too old to go out and do fun things with our BFF?  When is it that we're "too cool" to throw around some glitter?

Well, I for one am not giving in!  This Must is a MUST-DO and I challenge you, along with myself, to go do something fun with your BFF!  Or just your friend, or by yourself!  Who cares?  You make the rules and you go out and do something childish and care-free!  I.DARE.YOU!

Of course, then you must come back and report!

Well, my friends, I hope you have been inspired to try something new- or, at the very least, enjoyed a few pictures on your stop by my blog!

Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think!  Are there any "Monday Musts" you're dying to share with us!  I would love to read about them!

Have a magically delicious Monday, my Little Lookies!


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