Thursday, March 21, 2013

Something's coming!

Wow!  Twice in one week- that must be some kind of record for me!  Who knows, maybe I'll keep this steady-ish blogging thing up.

Well, one thing has helped: IT'S SPRING!  Finally!  One step closer to my true love: summer!

I'll admit it, deep down, I'm a lizard.  I love to lie in the sun and soak up heat.  In fact, one of my favorite feelings is "hot car."  You know, the feeling when you get into your car after it's sat in 110* heat... a blistering 125*.  Black interior soaking up ever ounce of heat from the sun.  GLORIOUS!  Keep the windows up and DO NOT TOUCH the a/c.  I'm lovin it! 

**Don't worry, I only do this when I'm in the car by myself- I do not fry my poor boys.  In fact, we just bought our first light-interiored car, really heart-breaking for my heat addiction, but great for my 3 men who, like the rest of humanity, enjoy a much more moderate body temperature.

What else does spring bring besides summer nipping at it's heels??  TIME CHANGE!!  YES!  I can finally get back to shooting.  Like really shooting.  No more, in by 5, black by 5:30.  We're talking long sunsetty lighting and beautiful evening air all the way till 7!!  Ahhh, how I have missed you light!

Well, to celebrate the total bliss I've been in lately, I've come up with yet another Looky Loo Shoot!!

I call it:


And these Lightening deals will only come around every once in an unannounced while, so buckle up and get your email ready to book!

Check it out:

Go ahead, what are you waiting for?  The week starts NEXT Monday, and it's first come, first serve.  As in March 25-29.  

Really, your kids are on spring break, what better thing do you have to do than organize some outfits and get some yummy spring pics in!

**Keep in mind, Lightening Lookies are not going to be held on a regular basis, just randomly at my whim.  Will there be another this year?  Nobody knows!

Ok, now I just sound like a telemarketer.  You get the idea!

Let me leave you with some spring-time pictures to brighten your day- since, well, this is a photography blog after all!  ;)

Hope these little smiles and this CRACKIN' good deal help to put a little SPRING in your step!

Until next time, my lovely fans,


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