Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Life Hands You Lemons....


Well, I'm not going to lie.... this blog post is about NINE months over due!  But, better late than never, RIGHT?!  RIGHT?! 

Whew, ok, here we go.

Can you guess what we're tinkering with today, for your weekly installment of...

Last year, my sweet little boy turned TWO!  (eek, how does that happen so fast??)  To celebrate, I decided to throw him a good ol' fashion Toy Story party.  Which, in my opinion, wouldn't be complete without a lemonade stand!  You totally drew that conclusion with me, right?

Fine, fine... My name is Cindy and I have an addiction to party accessories.  There.  I said it.

(For the full post on his adorable party, go here!)

As any rational party-planner-on-a-budget would, I designed my dream lemonade stand.

Cost: $2 (nails)


I know, one of those rare moments where your dreams and your wallet agree with each other!  SCORE!

Now, I just needed willing and able muscles to build, and some free pallets.

My sweet husband and his brother were the muscles and my generous dad provided the pallets.. and this is what we created:

Step One:  Find old and perfectly weathered pallets (3).. let me tell you, the perfectly weathered part was hard to find, the best one was an abandoned one near a trash can- so, keep your eyes peeled!

Step Two:  Carefully disassemble ONE of the pallets completely, removing all but the top board.

Step Three:  Use one pallet for front, cutting down to size (like 2 feet high), then fill gaps with the extra pallet boards you have.  Split the other intact pallet in half and use for the sides.  (this one doesn't have to have the gaps filled in)  Use 4 more boards to put a top on.

Step 4:  Put finishing boards on the front corners, using the original nails.  (this covers those bright shiny nails and gives it a finished look)

Step 5:  Use the bare frame that you disassembled with the remaining top board for the sign, cutting down to an appropriate size.  Use scraps from other boards to make supports at the bottom.  Making the stand 2 separate pieces makes it really convenient to transport, otherwise, you could just nail the top down.  And, don't forget to write LEMONADE, if you want- I made my sign double-sided, so I could have a blank side for other stand fun!

Step 6:  Enjoy!!   The possibilities are really ENDLESS!  I have so many more things planned for my stand!

Hope you enjoyed this week's Tuesday Tinker!  I hope to show you many more things I'm tinkering with around the house!

(**also, please excuse my SOOC pictures of the making of our lemonade stand- I did not want to take the time to edit them... you get the idea!)

Have a ROOTIN' TOOTIN' Good day!!


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