Friday, June 8, 2012

A Closer LOOK at The Team: Loo Who

Since we are about to introduce some new members to the Looky Loo team, we thought we would take the time to officially introduce you to us- the eyes behind the lenses of Looky Loo!

Up first: Cindy, aka Loo Who.  Head Photographer, Event Planner, and Stylist

My story began on a little ranch in the hills of San Miguel- surrounded by breathtaking views, room to play, and, of course, horses!  The first question I usually get asked is if I can ride a horse.  Well, yes, I CAN ride a horse- but, no, I do not do it often.  (I am terrified of heights and of riding things with their own brain- weird, I know... in my defense the horses I was surrounded with were thoroughbred race horses- not really what you would call "riding material" for a child!)  Now and then, my dad would "slow down" an old race horse for us to walk slowly  gallop around the track full speed ahead!  This ranch is also where my love for picture-taking began.  My parents bought me one of those huge plastic child cameras "that really works!" and I shot away at everything in sight!  They were even kind enough to develop rolls of film for me to scour through my "amazing work!"  ( my standards for amazing were much, much lower then!)

This was also where my passion for baking began.  I would bake anything we had ingredients for- and while a lot of things burned, some of it was actually quite good- or so my parents reassured me.  At the young age of 10, I was the head chef of my own local 5-star restaurant: Corslew Diner- complete with pretend chandeliers and amazing imaginary decor (well, at least the scenery was real!)  However, the food was real and so were my 2 only VIP customers.  Now I have transformed that love of baking and incorporated it into my business by including baked goodies in sessions with kids.  I am not above bribery, and the "cookie" smiles that have come from that baking passion are PRICELESS! :)
Fast Forward a few years and I was a crimson-bleeding, imaginary-animal-loving BEARCAT!  High school brought on its usual amount of teenage angst, fun, and trouble... but its also where I learned to dream big.  My teachers pushed me to do my best and I found a love for trying new things (interior design, psychology, drama...).  After my huge sports career was unexpectedly ended due to a rare surgery on my lower left leg in middle school, I turned to the only "sport" left: cheerleading.  Yep, this is where all of my pep, style, and rhyming came from!  Go Team!

Next stop: Rohnert Park, Ca.  Don't worry, I didn't know where that was either until I became a student of Sonoma State.  Although my 4 years at PRHS gave me an undying love for Crimson, I took a mini time-out from the red tones and donned a blue cheer uniform (gasp)!  However, I did stay close to my imaginary-animal-love, this time cheering for a Seawolf---- do you think they howl under water?!?!!  Besides the fun, I did crack open the books and received scholastic honors.  In fact, twice departments stalked asked me to switch majors.  I started out as a marketing major and left as an accounting major- which both have prepared me for the 2 jobs I have now.  (if you're scratching your head at 2, realize that my first and most important job is mommy)

Lets do a little rewind before I tell you my fairytale.  Just before my junior year in high school, I decided to sell Kettle Korn at the fair- uniform: red shirt and overalls.... I know, so glamorous!  Well, my sweet outfit did manage to catch the eye of one special security guard and we began talking the nights away.
Okay, now fast forward 5 years.  I bumped into my afore-mentioned security guard, we went on a few dates, and 5 months later we were married.  (when you know, you know- right!)  I was so blessed to marry the love of my life and since that day we have spent 4 1/2 amazing years together, as a team.  We have 2 beautiful boys- Thing 1 and Thing 2 and could not be happier with our lives!

I have a sign in our home that reads: Faith, Family, Friends.  I try to live by that motto and have worked to fit it into our business.  I know, you're thinking "what does religion have to do with photography!??"  For me, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has affected everything.  From the time I was young, I was taught to love others, serve others, and to be honest and have integrity.   I strive to run a business with all of those qualities.  I was also taught to avoid debt and live within my means, which has also been a strict part of our business plan.  Building Looky Loo has not been easy on our meager student income, but I have saved and worked hard to never put our family in debt to grow the business.  It may have been a longer route, but I have always felt that things that are worth while often take a while.

My family is also a HUGE part of the business.  In fact, its the whole reason I started down this road.  When I first found out I was pregnant with Thing 1, I went crazy making a list of things I needed to learn in order to be what I thought was a "good mom."  Among the things I learned in that 9 months were: cooking, sewing, quilting, stain removal, and bread-making.  Between preparing myself to be a mom, and preparing for my baby to come, photography got pushed aside.  After Thing 1 was here, I decided to revisit the list and photography really stood out to me.  I really wanted to learn how to take good pictures of my beautiful baby.  (who doesn't think they have america's next top baby model sitting in their bassinet!?)  So I did what I do when I really want to learn something new and went back to school.  My passion quickly evolved from only taking pictures of my family to taking them for other people as well.  My sweet husband has been SO supportive the whole way and when I approached him about joining the team, he openly accepted the challenge.  Our extended family has also been amazing- lending a smiling face for practice and lending a helping hand in the care-taking of Thing 1 and Thing 2 as we are whisked away to photoshoot after photoshoot.
Lastly, friends.  I LOVE my friends!  And, by friends, I mean YOU!  We have yet to do a shoot where I don't walk away saying, "wow!  I really love them- they are so great!"  You are what really keeps this business going and we really could not do it without all of your love and support!

Yesterday, as I endured yet another painful migraine, I exclaimed to my husband, "My life would be perfect if only I didn't have to have these wretched migraines!"  (I was a little distraught at having to leave yet another project to isolate myself in my cave for hours.. if you know me you know that I HATE being by myself!)  But, as I sat and pondered that thought, I realized that NO, my life IS perfect, even with the migraines!  Because without having to endure the hard times, we would not be able to fully appreciate the beautiful ones.  (I cannot tell you how much I value my vision and hearing the day after a migraine!)  After all, I am trying to make a career out of capturing the beautiful moments!
I really apologize, this was only supposed to be a couple paragraphs to tell you who I am!  But, alas, I guess there's just so much to my life, even in these short 26 years.
In the end, this is me:
My name is Cindy.  I am a wife, a mother, a photographer, and I am a Mormon.  (yes, had to add a mormon ad... lol)

I hope you enjoyed your tour through the life and times of Loo Who.. Stay tuned- later today we are starting another giveaway, tomorrow morning our Senior Winner will be announced and next week El Jeffe will take you down the road of his life!  Thanks for taking a Look!!


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