Friday, June 8, 2012

Tune Into June: Giveaway #2!!

As you have probably noticed, Looky Loo is not only the home of fun photos, but also fun accessories!!  This year, I wanted to give you the opportunity to own your very own Looky Loo original piece.  So, for this giveaway, we are giving away a hand-made headband.  And, in true Looky Loo fashion, it is over-the-top!  Here is a peek at what you can win, featured on these lovely ladies:

 It's peacock, it's feathers, and it's bejeweled... what more could you want?!?  Yours will be made just for you (since I cannot part with my prop, and you don't want used merchandise)!  Ok, ok, I'm sure all you really want to know is how/when to enter. 

*Well, enter NOW by following these SIMPLE steps:
1. Like my page on Facebook
2. Follow me on pinterest
3. Come back here and tell me you did steps 1&2 (if you've already done 1&2, then all you have to do is say so in step 3)

GET GOING this giveaway is MUCH shorter and will only last until TUESDAY, June 12.

Best of luck my fellow fashionistas!

This contest is open to all ages and locations- I will mail the goods to the winner!  (and, I have worn this little number myself, so don't think you have to be toddling to pull it off!)



  1. I did it!! :D Oh I hope I win :) :)

  2. I did it! I really do love your work. I wish I still lived over there so I could have you take pictures of my baby when she comes.

  3. Really enjoy following your updates on both sites!!

  4. I did it! it seems that everyone has had great picture expiriences with you. Wonderfull family portraits. I really need some like this.I follow you on my app from Pinerest and of course Facebook. I really enjoy watching all the great potographs you have taken. Good ARTIST!!! GOOD TO KNOW WE HAVE SOME GREAT POTOGRAPHER FOR KIDS IN THIS AREA. GOOD JOB!
    Ana Vidaurri

  5. Thank you guys!! You are so sweet!! I love hearing from you!!