Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Planning WEEK 4!


Well, I have been awful at keeping in touch- must be the four kids under five.


I plan to make it up to you- with some catch-up blogging.

So, although we are in week 7 {yes, the party is next week- YIKES}, I will be posting what I did during weeks 4-7 and get you all caught up so that next week we can..


Before I get started on week 4, and since it's been forever since I blogged, let's recap:

Theme- Circus/Carnival antique

Location- Grandpa's house

Colors- Red, Blue, Mustard

Budget- $250

Inventory of what I have- ridiculous

List of Games- fun!

Bought Food- $18

Cupcake List- Delicious

So, we've got a lot done- but, we have a LOOOONG way to go!

Now, let's get to the Semi, in the the Semi-homemade.  First, I check out what Oriental Trading has, line it up with the decor and games I've chosen.  But, I don't stop there.  Because, well, we're on a budget- REMEMBER??

So, I then cross-reference the items I want on Amazon and see who has the better deal.

Let me just save you some time: it's Amazon.

9/10 they have the item cheaper.  So, here we go:

*100 twisty balloons {balloon animal booth} $9.59
*100 ft. pennant banner {just looked cute} $8.07
*Jumbo Clown Bow-tie $6.24
*12 Clown Noses {party favor} $4.54
*Dart balloons {for balloon pop booth} $5.05
*Face paint kit {face painting booth} $10.96
*Clown Wig {photo booth} $3.90
*Black Top Hat {photo booth/Boston's outfit} $5.03
*12 darts {balloon pop booth} $4.32
*Ring toss rings {soda pop toss} $5.29
*tax- $1.23

TOTAL: $64.23

Leaving us with 85.77 for decor and games!

GREAT!!  We will need every penny to pull this off! ;)

Now, since we're in the buying mode- I like to get the party favors figured out.  It's a good idea to figure this out as soon as possible, so week 4 is perfect- a month left gives me plenty of time to order things on line, if need be.  

First, I looked through my party-supply stash... which, is always a good place to start- no sense buying something you already have!

I found 12 popcorn cups- PERFECT to hold some goodies!

Now, what to fill it with...

Conveniently, I bought a whole stash of glasses a few months ago... I'm thinking a clown theme?  Glasses and a red clown nose.  PERFECT!  So far, all I've spent is the $4.54 from my amazon order.  SCORE!  Now, I need something fun and exciting for the kids.  

As I've been shopping over the last couple months, I've placed 1-2 barnum animal craker boxes in my cart, just-in-case.  {scurry to my stash and what do I find: TEN boxes}  Thank goodness for my ocd desire to grab things here and there.

All I need now are TWO barnum animal boxes, and priced at $1.50 a piece, that is hardly breaking the bank!

So, we have super cute popcorn cups filled with some clown essentials {nose and glasses} and a sweet treat to take home {animal crackers}.

At a whopping $7.54

Leaving us with 82.77!!

Ahhh, the life of a budget blow-out is FABULOUS! 

Boy, I'm pooped- let's call it a day in party-planning!

But, don't go too far--- in case you haven't noticed: IT'S JUNE!!

And, what does JUNE mean for Looky Loo fans???!!!


Next week we are going to blow up your screens with giveaways EVERYDAY!

So don't forget to check back!

Also, see how our party comes together as I give you the last few weeks and count down the last days until BOSTON'S BLOW OUT CIRCUS BONANZA!!

Until then,

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!


{of course I couldn't do an entire blog post without a pic- check out this preview of the birthday boy}

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