Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Bash Break-Down Week 1

Well, hello there... fancy meeting you here FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW!

That's right, I made it back to my computer. 

I'll refrain from fireworks, because I'm sure to most of you, 2 days in a row is nothing to write home about. 

Today, we are going to talk about something really dear to my heart..


That's really the only reason to have children- right?!  Ok, I'm kidding, there's plenty of other perks--- or at least I tell myself that, sometimes over and over and over again.  (Long nights of diaper changing followed by long days of potty training two 2-year-olds stinks... no, literally, the smell is awful)

Let's get back to birthday talk!

My baby boy is turning THREE!!!

Huge milestone, I know.  But, isn't there a saying about making everyday a celebration- bust out the fine china and lingerie and make today great??!  (not that I know what either of those things are at the moment, but you get the idea)

Well, I use that same rationalization with my husband to insist that EVERY birthday is a big deal- and, to me, it is. Perhaps, at times, only to me.  But hey, every party needs a pooper, and, while it may be 3 of my 4 children, it is certainly NOT me! :)

So, let's start down the long and sometimes very winding road that leads to the party train of my brain.

First stop: Birthday Theme.

While considering things to do for B-Town's ever-important third birthday, a lot of ideas crossed my mind.  He loves everything.  Among those: Cinderinda (cinderella), purple, cars (as in the movie), dinosaurs, tigers, and all sorts of random things.  Don't judge, the term for this child is "well-rounded."

For about 2.5 seconds, I actually considered throwing a small affair, "all about B-town."  Intimate, no decorations and filled with his favorite things.

I'm sure that's a great idea.  For another mom.

After my party-planning self nearly croaked, I pulled myself back together.  I'm sure there's some sort of Party Over Kill disorder, of which, I am sure I am guilty.  Guilty as charged.  POK is real, and I am dealing with it the only way I know how: throwing extravagant parties for my too young and unappreciative children.

Derailed again, let's get back on track: Theme

What would an "eclectic," fun-loving boy at 3 love for his birthday?  

A circus.

Well, let's be honest, who wouldn't want that?!!  (I drag my kids to the circus each year, in part, because I love the circus)

All-out circus carnival.  Done and done.

Next stop on the coo coo train?  Location.

Well, conveniently, my dad lives on a ranch.  There is a beautiful circular yard in front of his house- circus tents are circular.  Perfect!  I'm envisioning booths of all sorts lining the outside of the circle, with a grand circus entrance between the trees.  Oh, and did I mention they also have a bounce house and a horse- essential elements for circus acts!

Now, onto colors.  When I think Circus/carnival, I think old fashioned.  I think mustard and ketchup- hot dogs and train cars.  I think reds and yellows, bright blues and bright lights.

Here we go- we're getting somewhere.

Now, to really get your creative juices going- now that I have a theme and a general idea of what I want the party to look like... OFF TO NEVERLAND... or pinterest!  Stealing great ideas from far too talented women takes your party from zero-hero in a snap!  Why reinvent the wheel when people are cruising at 80mph??!

Here are some things I've pinned... If you've visited my pinterest board (when will spell check acknowledge that's a word!!?)  you will see that every birthday party I do has a pin board!  Another good tip to party-planning: stay organized!  I have a pin-board and a notebook for each party where I keep all of my ideas!  There's nothing worse than coming up with that MOST amazing idea and then letting your mush of a mom-brain gobble it up into the depths.

Check out these stellar moms:

Under the Big Top Circus Party {+ Kids Costumes}

Under the Big Top Circus Party {+ Kids Costumes}

Vintage County Fair First Birthday Party

Carnival of Dreams {Circus Themed Birthday Party}

Ok, you get the idea- bright vibrant and filled with fun!!

Another tip- I also like to keep the birthday boy close-by while pinning.  It keeps my pinterest exploring to a minimum AND he is able to chime in about what he likes.  The hot dogs and clown noses were on point in B-town's opinion!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the ride thus far.  We've established our theme, narrowed down our colors and found TONS of inspiration.

Time for dreams of elephants and tight rope walkers- not together, that would be weird and dangerous.  

Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open- this is going to be the best party yet!  (or at least we'll pretend it is, for our peace of mind)

Do you have any birthdays coming up??  Have you done the circus theme?

I'd love to hear your input and ideas- even if it's just "you're crazy!"

(I get that a lot!)

Don't worry, while some people stress and mess themselves over party-planning, I live for it!  As soon as I'm done with one party I'm planning the next, because the best tip for a successful party is: PLAN AHEAD- it will save your heart, head, and wallet!

I hope you've enjoyed your trip through the circus today!  If you're loving it and want to see it to the end, or you just really love me, be sure and leave a comment, or, better yet, follow my blog!  And tune in next week for the second installment of the BIRTHDAY BASH BREAK DOWN!

For now, keep those creative juices flowing and have a lovely day!


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