Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Tinkering Around


It's me, way over here....

Ok, so you know that moment in your life when everything is coming together: the dishes are done, the clutter is managed, and you actually have time to blog???

Ya, me neither!

BUT, about a month ago, I was feeling like I was actually GETTING to that place.  I emphasize getting because I'm not sure it is even possible for me to attain at this stage in my life- although I find myself trying so hard to at times.

I'm doomed.  Doomed to never-ending laundry, aged and old blog posts at my home page, and dishes that don't do themselves.  Well, maybe doomed is the wrong word, but that's what I'm sticking with at this moment of "will-my-house-ever-be-clean-for-longer-than-a-minute!"

Of course I've jumped ahead, let's go back to ALMOST THERE.  Here I was, a semi-clean house and blogging regularly..  Ahh, how those moments should last longer.  In retrospect, I should have known something was coming.  

Life is not about having lemonade- it's about making it!

So, here in my la-la land where things were working out real swell (yes, I dream of living in the 50's), I even went so far as to plan the PERFECT last day of spring break extravaganza!

Lunch, hike to the beach, drive-in movies... you get the idea.  Fun in the beautiful Cali sun.

Well, we made it to lunch, even made it to the hike.

Then, BAM!

A little smack in the face with life's little wooden spoon.  Time to STIR things up!

Let's catch everyone up to speed before I go on.

1. Jeff and I have always wanted to adopt... always as in somewhere in the distant future after we have exhausted my uterus.  (TMI?  sorry)

2.  Last year, much to the dismay of my I-need-to-plan-my-whole-life-now personality, we feel we are supposed to start our adoption journey.  Oh, but not by adopting- oh, mr spoon is never that easy.  We feel overwhelmingly that we are supposed to get licensed for foster-adopt. Wait, what?!  I know, me, too.

3.  We follow said life plan and began trying for baby number 3, which leads us to a miscarriage and many months of nothing.... if you feel totally out of the loop, or just want to read about something sad, go here.

4.  Soon after that ordeal, we got our foster-adopt license in the mail.  Umm, yay??  

5.  Here we are, on our hike, living the California dream!  Or so we thought.  Half way down the hike- and by hike, I mean me shoving along a jogging stroller filled with 2 toddlers and pulling my 4 year old son on his bike terrified of falling.  I was determined to make it the 2 miles to the beach and bask in the sun before trudging back the 2 miles- oh, and by myself.  NBD- well, those super-fun dreams never came to be.  For, as we hit the half-way mark I got a very interesting call.  

El Jeffe was on the phone.  This is all I got from our conversation:

*2 girls
*get home now!!

So, over night, my little family of 4 became a family of 6.  I'd like to say it's been all sunshine and rainbows.  But, it's hard.  We're making lemonade with rocks somedays.  But, I love it!  I don't think I realized how empty our house was until I filled it!

So, sadly, I have no amazing thing that I've been working on to show you today- just my life.  And, that's a pretty big project at the moment!

All I know is, sometimes you're handed lemons, and sometimes you're not- but in the end, as long as you just keep stirring, you'll find you've been making the most wonderful lemonade the whole time.

What have you been up to in my absence?  Any outstanding tinkering going on out there??  

Any thoughts on my current status of insanity??  I call it YikesTikes- 4 kids under 5!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the first installment of a bday how-to!  I'm taking you step-by-step as I plan my son's 3rd birthday party!  Count down the next 8 weeks as I show you my entire thought process, my diy's and my trial and errors! 

Have a beautiful day, loves!!



  1. That's awesome! So, so excited for you! Enjoy the chaos :)

    1. Thank you!! We are loving it! :)

  2. Cindy wow!! I haven't seen you in a while apparently because too much has happened. Congrats and following the spirit never steers you wrong. When we got the impression to have Noah, I had that "Wait, what" reaction. And it is super busy and chaotic but I wouldn't have it anyother way than to have this family. You and Jeff are brave and faithful and awesome. Good for you!! And I love your Tinkerbell btw. She got super excited to see herself.

    1. I know, a lot can happen in a month! I feel the same though, wouldn't have it any other way! As far as my tinkerbell- that is probably my favorite halloween picture I've ever taken!! Love that tink of yours! ;)