Saturday, May 18, 2013

Party Planning Week 2

Hey friends!!

So, this was totally supposed to go up yesterday- but, the busy mama that I am, I totally forgot.

Or, I did not sit at my computer for more than 2 seconds all day.

Let me tell you, four kids under 5= not one spare second some days!

And, yesterday was one of those days- we had a family shoot- FOR US!

Shout out to Saulo Photography!!!  He was so patient with our "zoo!"  I can't wait to show you what we captured- there were old campers, random tin buildings, and pinky beachy sunsets... just to give you a taste!!

So, back to yesterday's post...

If you read my post on Monday, you know I had a giveaway going on- For a FREE Scribbles Printables Package!!

Well, the winner of that amazing prize is....

{drumroll please}



Congratulations, Alissa!  I've messaged my super-talented sister, so feel free to put your order in with her whenever you want!!  She will be anxiously awaiting it! :)

Now, on with the show!

Last week, I introduced you to Party Planning with LOOKY LOO.

Read more here.

We are 8 weeks out and I am going to show you step by step how I plan a party and how it all comes together, or doesn't.  You decide.

What we've got so far:

Theme: Circus/Carnival- antique

Location: Grandpa's house

Colors: red, blue, and mustard

Now what?

Now it's time to make the hard decisions.  Time to nail down that tricky thing that nobody wants to talk or think about.  Budget.

Yuck.  Just saying it is no fun!

But, the best party planner knows her budget and sticks to it.  No.Matter.What.

We are in the business of having fun- not going broke.

So, what you ask is my outrageous, ridiculous budget for this carnival extravaganza??


I will beg barrow and steal, but I will not cross that number.

How are we going to break that down?

$100 to food.

$150 to decorations and party favors.

Not too shabby.  It doesn't seem like a lot- but, trust me, I will be stalking garage sales for the next 7 weeks to get every item on my list.


Next step.

So we talked about getting a notebook and writing down all of  your ideas and dreams for the party.  Every fleeting thing that passes through your subconscious.  Now, it's time to take those ideas, combine them with everything pinteresting you've noticed, and start making a list.

What are your goals for the party?

What do you want to have at the party?

What do  you want the party to look like?

What do you want the party to feel like?

While we're making this list, let's start with the things we already have.

What circus-like things do you have lying around?

Ok, so here are a few things that I have lying around my house:
popcorn machine,
old buckets,
my converted lemonade stand with a red/burlap top
hoola hoop
big bouncy balls
suit cases
big top canopy
lots of gunny sacks
a pepsi crate
old wooden crates in different sizes
a ferris wheel cupcake holder
a cake pop holder
various blue and red sheets
chairs in party colors

Ok, now we're getting somewhere.

Start my list:

I want my guests to walk away having had a carnival-type experience.  Fun, entertainment and excitement.

My goal is to get most of the prep done ahead of time.

I want to stay organized and have a huge party without a huge amount of stress.

Mostly, I want my big 3-year-old to walk away having had the best birthday he could imagine!

I want to have various carnival games and activities at the party.

I want each member of my family to run a circus booth and be involved in the fun.

I want the party to be colorful and inviting.  I want it to look old-fashioned and exciting.  I want people to feel like they've stepped back in time to the old circus shows.

I want the party to feel like a circus.  The main attraction being Boston!

Not too much to ask right?

I promise, as we break everything down it won't be.  We just have to stay ahead of the game!

Last step for today:
Narrow down the carnival booths.

I want each booth to have a table, or station, and a colorful sheet behind it, to mimick the feel of a carnival or circus.  Bright colors everywhere!

So, obviously, carnival games could include a never-ending list of fun things.  But, today, to get things rolling, I need to narrow that list down and come up with a set of games that will entertain our guests.

Here's my list:

*Face Painting {enlist artist sister}

*Balloon Animals {enlist fun uncle}

*Fortune Teller {fish bowl filled with fortune cookies}

*Ring Toss {pepsi box with glass bottles and ring}

*Ball Toss {refurbished cans and baseball}

*Goldfish Toss {dollar store fish bowls and fish crackers and ping pong ball}

*Sack Races {put those gunny sacks to good use!}

*Balloon Pop {pallet with balloons taped on, darts}

*Photo Booth {strips of fabric hung up for a backdrop with fun circus props}

Don't worry, I have a lot of family! :)

Out of all that, all I need are balloons, face paint, goldfish crackers, fish bowls, fortune cookies, and darts!

Not too shabby!

Look around your house and see what you already have that can be transformed into a fun game!

This is a great starting place.  Now time to shop around and see where I can get the best bang for my buck for all of these items!

Wow, I think we actually have the makings of a party on our hands.


Well, my party-goers.  This is the end of today's brainstorming.  Time to get to work and get my hands on some sweet deals!

Anyone been to a circus/carnival party lately?

What booths would you do?

Any tips?

Alas, my youngest circus animal is roaring for attention, so that is all for today! :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!!


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  1. boston should have a kissing booth!

    i was just at world market and they have big tubs of (unwrapped) fortune cookies for 55% off. that means they are less than $3 for a tub over 40.

    i have about 25-30 milk bottles you can borrow.

    and kettle corn would make a great (inexpensive) favor. it's cheap to make and it'll give kiddos a big bag to carry. i did it for rees's party last year (drizzled in colored candy melts) and put in in plastic bags inside cute bags. cheap, fun!