Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday MUST!!

Hello Friends!!

Well, here I am again, giving you your weekly dose of 


Or, not so weekly- occasionally maybe?


Here I am.  

In case you've been feeling lost and need some inspiration on a MUST in your life.  I'm here.  I take this moment every week to share with you something I LOVE.  And, if you know me, you know that when I LOVE something I have to tell EVERYONE!  

Why peruse through life blinded and alone?  We are all here to share and guide.

This week, I think it's time I tell you a little about my sister's lovely business:

We're talking a MUST try.

Whenever I throw a party, my first stop is her shop- she can do some AMAZING things with printables.  And yet, I still see people buying the crap from Wal Mart.

Alright, I've said it.  It's out there.

I feel there is NO excuse for lame invitations.

So, you're not Martha Stewart and can't make a flower out of paper?  Fine, there are super talented people out there who have taken out ALL the work.

Order invitations and goodies, print at Office Max, cut out- DONE AND DONE.

Completely personalized and created just for your party.

Trust me- she can do anything- from gatsby to an over-the-hill "prehistoric" party and everything in between.  

Well, instead of blabbing all by myself this week, let me introduce you to the woman behind the screen, my sister and let her explain just how one would go about using such things.

Mandy Freeland
of Scribbles

Here's the scenario: you have a party to plan, and you want it to be simple and fun.  You have a theme chosen.  You want to serve those fabulous little goodies you saw on television.  You want to have special little touches that make it unique and amazing.  And, you don't want to spend a ton of money at the party store, buying cheesy plastic decorations that you'll never use again and aren't that cute anyway.   I have a great solution for you - party printables!  You can have a professional graphic designer create party decorations that you can print from your house or take to a commercial printing store (i.e. UPS Store, OfficeDepot, FedEx-Kinkos, etc.) OR upload to a printing store that will mail you the finished product. 
This is where I come in!  I am a graphic designer that specializes in creating event products for people like you!  Whatever your next event is, be it wedding, birthday party, bachelorette party, or just a simple {July 4th} barbeque, you can make it amazing with invitations and decorations that you can print yourself {meaning you can print as many as you need} for a low price. 
So - what are printables, exactly?  Printables are digital files (PDF or JPG) of invitations or decorations that are letter-sized and ready to print.  They can be printed on your home computer on cardstock paper or specialty label paper.  Then they're cut out, and if needed, assembled.  It's quick, easy, and custom!
How are printables used in parties??  The possibilities are endless!  Banners, cupcake toppers, and goodie labels are the most popular, but I also create water bottle wraps, bottle labels, cupcake wraps, candybar wrappers, favor tags, cone party hats, popcorn cones, party signs, coloring mats, and even party games!  Each item can be customized, too!  The colors and graphics used are selected to reflect your theme.  Once the printables are cut out, they are assembled using craft items that you probably have around your home {toothpicks, ribbon, tape or glue are just a few}. 
I love the idea of crafting your own party!  Printables are a great way to add your handmade special touches to your event!  And they can be inspirational to your party features.  Let's say you're looking to spice up a barbeque.  Why don't you add a S'mores Station?  You put together the ingredients to make your own s'mores and add printable labels and signs to add a little cleverness!  Whether you're throwing a grand event or a backyard family gathering, adding some themed printables can take your party from bland to amazing!

Check out her stuff here!!


Well then, let's get party planning!

How would you like your own custom printables package??

Well, lucky you, because I'm giving one away- TODAY!

How do I enter-might you ask??

Well, head on over to the Scribbles Facebook page and give her a thumbs up (as in, like the page), comment that Looky Loo sent you.  While you're over in facebook land, be sure and give my page a like, here.  Then head back over and comment below letting me know that you've done those 3 things.  Winner picked on Friday at noon pst.  


What's something you love that you MUST tell me about??  

Have you used printables for your parties yet??

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  1. Done!!! Already like well love your page, liked Scribbles page and would love to talk wedding invitations with her. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! She's done some really amazing wedding stuff before, so I'm sure she would love to chat with you! Best of luck for the giveaway!! :)

  2. DONE! i did all three things, though i've 'liked' your page for a long time. in a world of dime a dozen photographers, you really stand out, cuz you're mad talented!

    1. Yay! Thank you, Alissa- you are too kind! :) Best of luck for the giveaway on Friday!!