Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Looky Loo Swag

Hey there, looking for a way to get your hands on some free swag from me?

Well, read away my friends!

First, I want to introduce you to my friend, Camille.

What's so special about Camille, you ask?

Well, besides getting to be the face of my Senior launch this year,
Camille was also my Sponsor Senior last year!

What does that mean?

Well, each year, as the school year comes to an end and we start to embark down Senior Portrait Lane, I choose a senior to represent Looky Loo Photography.

They get the totally styled shoot of their dreams- working with me one-on-one all the way through the process!  FOR FREE!  The trade?  She then tells everyone just where to go for these amazing pics--{if I do say so myself}

This year, we are upping the ANTE!  

Instead of just ONE Senior Rep, we are doing THREE senior reps!  One from each of the local high schools!


And, we may not stop there.  We're looking for 1-2 2014 seniors from Paso, Templeton and Atascadero to represent Looky Loo Photography.

You will get a lovely and totally styled portrait session, pass-along cards with your face on them, AND swag.... How could you resist!!??

Where do I go to enter?? 

Head over to and give me all of your info plus a pic.  I'm looking for a mix of girls and boys- but mostly, people who love to take pictures!

Winners will be selected THIS Saturday, June 1st and shooting will commence the second week of June (13-15, or whenever we get our schedules to mesh)!

Come one, come all!  Don't miss out on this AMAZING opportunity!!

Need more proof for your pudding?

Here are just a few of the portraits from Camille's complimentary session last year:

What are you still doing reading my blog?!!  Head on over and email me.... NOW!

Oh, and if you're closer to a senior citizen than a senior in high school, don't you worry- TUNE INTO JUNE is right around the corner- and I'm predicting some pretty heavy giveaways coming your way... of course, in the meantime, do feel free to pass this info along to those you know that would benefit! :)

Also, don't miss out on my giveaway going on THIS week----read here

Have a LOVELY day!!


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