Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Bash Countdown- Week 3

Hello Friends!!

Here we are again- talking birthday!!

So, circus/carnival... Hmm, let's refresh ourselves as to where we are at in this whole process:

Theme- Circus/Carnival antique

Location- Grandpa's house

Colors- Red, Blue, Mustard

Budget- $250

Inventory of what I have- ridiculous

List of Games- fun!

That brings us to Week 3!

So, now what- we have a whole lot of ideas, not very much money and time is ticking away!

I want to start concentrating on food.  I've allotted myself $100 for food and I want to stretch that AS FAR AS POSSIBLE- obvi.

How does one do that, you ask?

As I've pointed out several times so far- refer back to rule #1: PLAN AHEAD!

Since I have been planning in advance, I knew what foods to look out for and knew that Memorial Weekend BBQ foods tend to be on sale.


What are we going to eat?

I'm wanting to have a whole carnival/fair food vibe going, PLUS, B's favorite food is hot dogs... SO the main dish is pretty obvious: 

Well, fortunately for me, all of America eats hot dogs on Memorial day, and all of the grocery stores sell them for SO CHEAP!

Off to the grocery store!

2 huge bags of chips

10 pkg hot dogs

1 huge ketchup

2 containers lemonade powder

Woop Woop!

I am now left with $82!

But, there are still a lot of food items I need- cupcake stuff, cake pop stuff, buns, etc.  So I will be keeping an eye on my local adds to see where the best deals are!

Speaking of cupcakes, this would be a good time to decide on a cupcake menu for the party, so that I know what I'm looking for when I shop!

Cupcakes are my favorite part of the party and I like to make special cupcakes to match the theme of the party.  Just my personal OCD and, in no way, necessary!  I just think it adds a fun touch!

For this party, as I mentioned, I want a carnival/fair-like feel to the food.  When thinking of sweet-treats at the fair, I thought of:
*Chocolate-covered bananas
*funnel cakes
*deep-fried everything
*Cotton Candy

SO, with that list, I've narrowed it down to these cupcakes:

*Twinkie cupcake with a cream center and a deep-fried twinkie bite on top

*Boston Cream Pie Cupcake (vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla custard center and chocolate ganache topped with cotton candy)

*Funfetti Funnel-cake- (funfetti cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a funnel cake piece on top)

*Dipped Banana Cupcake (banana cupcake with chocolate center, peanut butter/cream cheese frosting and a chocolate dipped banana piece on top)

Drooling?  Ya, I love cupcake-ing!

While step one is imagining the perfect cupcakes for a party, step 2 is finding a recipe to match the dream!

Here are a few of the recipes I've found so far to match up with my dreams:

You get the idea- pinterest is your best friend!  I am amazed at things these people come up with- and then post!  THANK YOU!

Well, I feel accomplished- do you?  We have a good dent put into our food section and a very sweet list of cupcakes!  Whew- and all without breaking a sweat! ;)

What cupcakes would you concoct for this event?  Have you seen any good deals on fair-ish food?  Or are you secretly wishing you were 3 and Boston's friend so you could get down on this goodness?

Let me know your thoughts on the party-planning so far!!  I LOVE hearing your input and ideas!

One writer last week led us to discover Fortune Cookies for our Fortune Teller booth!!  Thank  you Alissa!!  We were able to pick up 2 HUGE boxes for $4!!!  YAYAYA!

So, keep your input coming- I always appreciate it! ;)

For now, I hope today is Looking great for you!!  I'll see you tomorrow for your week four dose (because I was lame and forgot to do week 3 last week) of birthday planning!

Also, keep spreading the word about our Senior Rep Shoot coming up!!  We're picking the seniors THIS Saturday!!  (read more here)


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  1. Those look absolutely delicious! I want to make some right now. I wish I could make things properly that I see off pinterst. Whenever I attempt to cook something I saw on Pinterst I totally mess it up