Friday, July 26, 2013


Hello Friends!!

How is your summer going??!

I CANNOT believe that July is almost at an end! :(

Hopefully you have enjoyed every sun-shiney morsel so far!!

We sure have: TONS of swimming, water-parking, reunion-ing, fair time, concerts, oh and taking pictures- OF COURSE!

Before I show you more pictures, let me back up--- wasn't there some sort of CONTEST going on??

Oh, ya, some SUPER special person has won themselves a FREE Looky Loo Photoshoot!

Gosh, how exciting!

First, I would like to thank everyone for participating!!  We had SUCH an outpouring of love on the blog and fan page this passed week, it's been lovely!

Without further ado, the winner of this years TUNE INTO JUNE photoshoot is....



{more applause}

Ok, ok... you get the idea, I'm pretty pumped!!

Didn't win?  Don't worry your little head too much, we like to keep things hoppin' around here and try to have frequent giveaways, so make sure you're following the blog and the fan page and stay tuned for more fun stuff in the months ahead.

ALSO, getting a great deal is the NEXT best thing.. so be sure and book your shoots NOW, because starting August 1st, our rates are going up... read more about that, here.

Now, on to more exciting things...

If you've been following the blog for a while, then you know that each year I like to pick a senior rep to be the face of Looky Loo for my senior clients.  

This year, I decided to kick it up a notch.

Not just one rep, BUT THREE- one from each of the local high schools.

And, not just a photoshoot, but hair and make-up AND an outfit AND brag cards.

Holy moly, these girls got the royal senior treatment!  We had a BLAST working together and I am SO excited to show you what we did.

This week, I'm focusing on MISS ATASCADERO.  She will be the face of my timeline on the fan page, have her own Senior Mag cover shot AND is the star of today's FOTO FRIDAY.

Without further ado, 

Representing Looky Loo this year, we have

hair/make-up: Jackie 
styling: LooWho of Looky Loo

There are SO many fun trends out right now, I could have gone in a million different directions!  To narrow down my choices, I consulted with Kelly, from messydirtyhair- a fashion guru.  I asked her for her 3 favorite trends RIGHT now.  I then let each girl pick a trend from the list and off I went to shop.  The girls didn't get to see their outfits (clothing and shoes) until the day of the shoot--- talk about pressure!  Can you imagine showing up to your senior portraits not knowing what you're going to wear?!  I love these girls and am so grateful for the good sports they were with the whole process.  To top it off, they each LOVED the outfits I bought.. WHEW!

Trend #1 that Kelly gave me was: Lace

I got Miss Atascadero a jean jacket with a fun lace cut-out in the back.  I matched it with a fun and flirty polka dot dress and  some super-cute tan shoes.  The perfect outfit for looking girly with a little edge!

Do you like it?

Don't worry, as you can see from the pictures, we also had another outfit put together from their own closet that we put together during their consultation, so if I was a total fail, they were safe! ;)

Thank you for stopping by the blog- be sure and give Miss Atascadero some love this week!  And, if you're looking to book with Looky Loo- BOOK TODAY!  Spots are filling up quickly!

As always,

Here's Looking at YOU!


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