Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tinker... Bow Ties

Here we go!  Gettin' back in the groove!!

2/2- takin' it one day at a time!!

Last night, as I was cooking dinner for some guests, I decided to splice open my left ring finger.  Interesting choice in fingers, I might add.  Since, if you know the tradition behind the whole wedding band, you know that the ring finger on your left hand contains a very interesting vein- one that, I don't know, leads to your heart.  One that, perhaps, if one were to miss the watermelon and puncture, would cause a cascade of blood erupting in every direction.  

In the five grueling seconds it took me to turn from the island to the sink, I managed to create what looked like a murder scene in our kitchen.  Totally sanitary.  Yum. Yum.  Well, luckily all the food {except the fateful watermelon} had already been placed on the table!  

Why am I telling you this really dramatic rendition of my pretty lame knife wound?  It wasn't the cut, the blood, or my hysterical calm and collected reaction that hit me- it was my son's reaction.  As my husband sat my shaking, babbling, crying and ghost white self on the couch, my son rushed over and calmly repeated,

"It's ok, Mom.  You are going to be ok.  You know, Jesus will take care of this.  He can heal you, you just have to calm down and trust Him."

Wow.  Is he really four-years-old?  Did my tiny little man really give me the reassurance I needed that everything was going to be ok?

The saddest part is, that had the roles been reversed and he been on the couch bloodied and crying, I still would have been hysterical!

Where did this kid come from?!

Amidst all the chaos and eruptions in life, it's nice to be reminded that..

Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright!!

So, now that you've gotten my two cents for the day, let's rush on to TUESDAY TINKER!!

If you have ever met me, you know that I.LOVE.BOWTIES!  It's an obsession, really.  And, back when my first son was born, they were not so readily available.  So, as any rational mother who NEEDS a bow tie would do, I found a way to make my own!

Just look at these:

Want to learn how??  I am sending you right on over to this lovely site {remember life is full of chaos and not all of us have time to do tutorial posts} to get the inside scoop.  These are the exact directions I follow when producing the lovely bow ties that adorn the necks of my sweet little dream boats.

What do you think?  You just need a little fabric, some felt, and some velcro and you're in business!  You can thank me when you're up until midnight the night before your husbands graduation making green and gold "mustang" bow ties.  YOU.ARE.WELCOME!

Since we are continuing on with TUNE INTO JUNE this lovely week of July, why not spare you the time and hassle and offer you your own SET OF BOW TIES!

That's right, I know you- I know you didn't even click on that link because you thought, "I do not have time for that!"  Well, friend, lady luck is on your side.  Simply fill out as many entries as you can, keep your fingers crossed- CROSS 'EM- and just maybe, I will be the one staying up until midnight making bow ties for YOUR little dream boats!!

Winner receives TWO bow ties in the color of their choice!  Giveaway runs from NOW until Friday at Midnight EST.  And this giveaway is totally mail-able, so all US residents are welcome to enter!!

Don't forget about our other giveaway going on now for some much-needed organization from Simply Put!  Go HERE for more deets on that...  And because I love you so much, I thought I would give you my simple tip for organization:

I am a list-writer.  If you go through the drawers of my desk, you will find endless note-pads and notebooks filled with lists.  It's how I keep all the crazy in my head organized.  So, when it came to organizing my household chores into something manageable, I knew I needed a list.  I tried coming up with my own schedules, but I couldn't quite find anything that I could stick to or that worked.  Then it happened, I stumbled on the most perfect list on Pinterest! {DUH}  Is there anywhere else to go for all of your earthly needs?!

Here she is, my household chores organized into a daily list that I can check-off...


Isn't it beautiful??

Well, stay organized and get bow-tied!  Oh, and take a deep breath, because although summer can be fun and exciting, I know there are times you are wanting to pull your hair out in frustration!  Hang in there, kid- you're doing great!

Until next time friends, Here's Lookin' At You!! ;)


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