Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Party Planning WEEK 7... delegate and accept

Hello party people!!

So, this has become the most dragged out party of the century- sorry!!

But, we are getting SO CLOSE to the big reveal {tomorrow}

This week, we are getting down to the wire- crunch time, with the party ONE WEEK AWAY!


Week 1:
Theme {circus/carnival}
Location {grandpa's ranch}
Colors {red, gold, and blue}

Week 2:
Budget {$250-strict}
Inventory {I have way too much stuff}
Activities {super fun games}

Week 3:
Food {hot dogs}
Cupcake List {4 delish carnival-inspired choices}

Week 4:
Semi Homemade {buy carnival stuff from amazon}

Week 5:
Invitations {Scribbles}

Week 6:
Birthday Shoot {adorable, if I do say so myself}
Carnie Assignments {you know you want to!}

Now, on to WEEK 7!!

Whew, we have a lot done, but we still have a LONG way to go!  And, I have to get everything I need and everything prepped, because I have a reunion to go to during week 8!  YIKES!  Doesn't summer just get SOO crazy-hectic!!

speaking of reunion, I thought I'd show you the crazy bunch I come from.  Jk, they're adorable and I love them to pieces- seriously, I have the best family!  Don't believe me- well, check out those sweet flower children- {necessity to maintain their privacy}.. so, when I offered to take a pic sans my lovely girls- you know, in case they aren't apart of our family in the future, just trying to help everyone feel comfortable- well, they not only refused but were revolted by the idea- "WHAT, no matter what happens, they are apart of our family NOW!"  Hence the flowers, because my family is so awesome I was not allowed to take another pic minus the girls.  Oh, and don't even get me started on all of the blankets and goodies they brought for them- see, AMAZING!  Sorry, folk, they are taken! ;)

This is when you need to swallow your pride and DELEGATE and ACCEPT.  Delegate simple tasks and, by all means, if someone offers to help- TAKE IT!

First task for week 7 that's being delegated:
decorate tin cans for the baseball throw.

I wanted the tin cans mod podged with some coordinating paper (bought at michael's- 5/$1).  I put my stepmom in charge of this, which she happily accepted.

Great- one less thing to worry about! :)

Second task: Beverage Station

via [tutorial]

My kind brother-in-law saw that I pinned this and OFFERED TO MAKE IT FOR ME!


This is one of those things that I thought was really cute- but, if I was short on time, was definitely going to get knocked off of the list of "to-do's!"  So I was VERY grateful that he offered to make it for me!!  Now, all I had to do was buy some soda and accessories to fill it with- thank you, Target, soda- 12 packs were 4/$12 and I found cute, cheap napkins and cups at Wal Mart- done and done!

Speaking of shopping, the time came to get ALL of my shopping done.  Leaving only the details for week 8.  First, I went through my cupcake list, and found all of the lacking ingredients, then the decor list, and finally the random list- you know, fishing wire, red and white string, etc.

After buying all of my last-minute necessities, this was the break-down:

cupcake goods: $45
{cake boxes, lemon flavoring, marshmellow fluff, twinkies.. the usg}

Other Food: $30
(buns, soda, fruit, animal crackers)

Which, from our $82 left over, gave us a whopping $7 remaining in the food budget.

For the decor/extra: $42
{string, root beer bottles, small fish bowls, ping pong balls, etc}

Which, from our $82.77 we had, left us with 40.77

I'm not very good with having left over money- so, I took myself down to our local antique shop, REMINESCE (obsessed), and found a cute vintage tool box in blue ($15) and an old little red ladder ($20).  Which brought the remainder down to 5.77.  Enough to grab a couple bags of ice on our way to the party! :)

With the remainder from the food money, I printed up some cute pictures of Boston for party decor.

Done and done- all that was left was assembly- no big deal, right?!?!

Well, tune in tomorrow to see the last minute preps


The blog reveal of


As for now,

Here's looking at YOU!


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