Friday, July 19, 2013

Party Planning Week 6, Boston's 3 yr Photoshoot

Welcome back to the party planning committee!

Let's recap:

Week 1:
Theme {circus}
Location {Grandpa's house}
Colors {red, mustard, blue}

Week 2:
budget {$250}
inventory {have a ton}
activities {way fun}

Week 3:
buy food {didn't break the budget yet}
cupcake list {delicious}

Week 4:
buy stuff for booths {still under budget}
organize what we still need {tons}

Week 5:
invitations {by scribbles- AMAZING}

Now what?!

Now that the invitations have been decided, and the guest list made, I need one more insert: a picture of our sweet little ring leader.

Conveniently, I double as a photographer on my spare time!  ;)

When planning this shoot, I had a TON of ideas.  Circus/carnival can lead you in so many directions!

At first, I thought: full-blown circus... EVERYTHING even remotely resembling a circus act thrown into the ring.  But, then, I decided against it.  A: I had already done a shoot like that, and B: All of that stuff would be decorating his party, so it seemed a little redundant.

While driving home from Target, I noticed the PERFECT backdrop: an old, circus-y train cart perched on a hill.  Right theme, right colors.  LOVE IT!  Now, what props to add and what to wear.  After debating for a while, I decided I wanted this shoot to be simple- just a ring master and his cart, a boy and his dreams.

I love when inspiration just HITS you out of nowhere.  As we were on our way to the shoot, I thought a finger mustache would be PERFECT- I love how it added to my ideas about imagination and dream- a play-like feel.  And Boston was TOTALLY on-board!

Well, why don't I stop talking and let you see for yourself:

Isn't he so charming?  There's something about the mischief in his eye that tugs at my heart strings!  

So, now the invitations are COMPLETE and ready to be sent out!  

Come one, Come all to the main event... and all that jazz!!

Next, up- secure my Carnies.

In case you didn't notice, the budget did not leave room for hired-hands.  So, enter in family-hands- my loyal and loving volunteers!

Oh, how I love my family and their willingness to participate in all of my shenanigans!  Accordingly, everyone said yes to the positions.

My brother even took it one step further and found me a hot-dog machine to borrow, and my step-mom got her hands on a sweet popcorn machine!  DOUBLE SCORE!!  Carnival food MUST COME FROM A MACHINE!  Aroma therapy carnival style-CHECK!

Whew!!  Party planning can be SOOO tiring!!

How about a GIVEAWAY to cool off??!

FIRST, let's announce the winner of the SIMPLY PUT giveaway......


GO GIRL, get your organization on!!  I will email you shortly with all of the details and get you that gift certificate asap!  CONGRATS!!

As our grand finale giveaway, we are GIVING AWAY a PHOTOSHOOT!  One hour, unlimited people, anywhere in San Luis Obispo County {**unless you want to pay for the travel fees, then it could be anywhere your heart desires**}  Just follow the directions below and start dreaming away, because it's quite possible it could be YOU with a brand new shiny photoshoot!  Giveaway is open from today [July 19th] until next Thursday [July 25th] at 9pm, winner announced Friday on the blog!

Get Going!

I hope you enjoyed another day of planning and another sweet giveaway!!  I sure appreciate you!!  

here's looking at YOU!



  1. whoa! what an awesome giveaway! someone's gettin' lucky...

  2. p.s... go marina! that is AWESOME! cindy, you sure know how to throw a sweet contest.

    1. Thanks, friend!! We will throw some SWEET giveaways when your sweet book comes out! :)

  3. These pictures are adorable! Great job!

    1. Thank you!! I love that sweet face!

  4. How about I win so I can hang out with you and your cute boys again? This time we pin your keys to you so they don't get lost.

    1. Sounds like a plan!! I still laugh when I think about what a klutz I am! Lol!!

  5. I just wish I could win and get some nice pictures of the fam. Haven't had professional ones done in 6 years!