Saturday, July 20, 2013

Looky Loo UPDATES!!

Happy Saturday, Loves!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, so far!!  

As for me, I'm blogging and sprucing up my garage (I do not want it to get back to chaos, so I spend some time each month to make sure things get put in their proper place!)

First up, the winner of the bow ties...



Congrats!!  I will email you shortly to see what colors you want your new bow ties in! :)  

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our giveaways so far!!  I look forward to this every year and really take a lot of time to think about what fun things I will give my fans!  I love you guys and am so grateful for the business you have helped me create!!!  A business is only as great as your fans, and, thanks to you, I think Looky Loo is pretty great! {if I do say so myself}

While we're on the subject of giveaways, I want to clarify a few things, it seems some people are having a hard time  with the new rafflecopter!

1.  just follow the links- they will lead you to the places

2.  If you already follow me on that media, that counts and it will let you have the points

3.  To follow the blog, head up to the top of the page and hit "join this site."  You have to follow publicly, otherwise I can't tell and you don't get credit for it.  If you're curious, just click on followers and if you don't see your name there, then you haven't followed.

4.  To leave a blog comment, go to the bottom of the post (just a couple paragraphs lower), and comment in the big white box.  You don't have to answer the question I asked- you can just tell me how much you love Looky Loo, but you have to leave a comment to get the points.

I check the entries and erase points that haven't been earned, so that everything is honest and fair.  Obviously, the more items you complete, the more points you have and the more likely you are to win. Although flattery gets you everywhere, I am not in charge of choosing the winner- rafflecopter keeps track of all the entries and chooses a random winner.  {finally, something off of my plate}

Now, onto more business updates..

As each year rolls around (June is what we consider to be our anniversary month), I take the time to re-evaluate the business, go over our assets, the amount of shoots we do, and take inventory on our goals and accomplishments.  With this information, I am able to assess how we are doing, where we need to improve and what changes need to be made.  I also contemplate A TON about our current pricing and how it reflects the time and money we put into the business.  

It's never fun to raise prices, but, alas, it is a necessity for a growing business.

However, I always like to give the opportunity to my clients to book at the current rates before they jump up!  {good news!}

So, as of August 1st, we will have a whole new price point, be offering amazing new packages and changing pretty much every session we offer.  We want to offer you the BEST!

With that being said, you have 11 DAYS to book at our current rates!  You can book up to a year in advance.  Payment is full is due at the time of booking to ensure your spot and rate.  You can even just buy a gift certificate if you're not sure on the exact day, but you know which shoot you want.

Keep in mind that August is almost completely booked, with only ONE remaining Saturday open and only TWO weekday shoots available.  Starting in September I will be limited to only Friday and Saturday shoots as El Jeffe starts his masters program.  THESE WILL GO FAST, so booking early will not only ensure a better rate, but will ensure a spot in our busy schedule!

We love all of our wonderful clients and hope to see all of your smiling faces this fall!!  I can't tell you how lucky I feel that such amazing people decide to hire us- it really is a privilege to be apart of your lives, even if only 1 hour!

**Don't forget about our FREE shoot giveaway going on here!**

Before I sign off, I will leave you with some pictures, since that is what we do around here! :)


Here's Looking at YOU!


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  1. Cindy I'm new at this. Was trying to enter for free photo shoot. What I would use it for would be family pictures taken here in Paso, a four generation, lots of grandkids. Thanks